Monday, May 30, 2016

His Free-the-Six-Pack Mantra Is Embarrassing!

Our governor's mantra, 'free-the-six-pack', is at best embarrassingly juvenile for a man his age, and, at worst, highly supportive of reckless behavior. Selling beer in gas stations is the last thing we need in Pennsylvania. Oh, by all means, let's make it more convenient for people to purchase alcohol, and then get behind the wheel of a two ton pick-up! And, of course, let's make it easier for teenagers to get their hands on some cans, and then roar down our highways sipping brew without any thoughts of responsible motoring.

Tom Wolfe is DEFINITELY 'a wolf in sheep's clothing!' When running for office, he assured us he'd be there for the middle class, for fair taxation, for infrastructural improvements, and most importantly, for our children and their education. Yet he did everything to block this year's budget, causing many schools to cut staff, bloat classroom size, and force districts to take out loans in order to merely function from day-to-day. And to top if off, he now is allowing the purchase of beer in gas stations so that the very lives of our youngsters will be at risk every time they get in a car or ride the bus to and from school.

Have you lost your mind, Mr. Wolfe, or is it that your political career is more important than your word? Since your popularity ratings are in the toilet, will you sacrifice our children's lives in order to gain accolades from beer-guzzling, drunk drivers whose words are slurred and meaningless as are your own?

If I sound unhappy with your decision to allow the sale of alcohol in gas stations across PA, that would be a huge understatement. I'm more than just unhappy, I'm irate! Stocking the shelves of convenience stores and filling their coolers with beer is, in my estimation, highly irresponsible and totally uncaring for those you adamantly professed to serve and protect.

Mr. Governor, the next time you stand in front of a mirror practicing a speech, make sure you look yourself in the eyes and search out the truth of your words. We, as your constituents, deserve honesty from those we elect to do the will of the people.

Monday, May 23, 2016

8-0 IS GREAT-O !

Yesterday was my hubby's 80th birthday, and if you do the math, he's been on this earth for 29,219 days! That may seem like a lot to somebody who's seven, seventeen, or even forty-seven, but to me it seems like it should be way more than that!


Everyday for 80 years he's opened his eyes to a new and promising day, and everyday for 80 years he's closed his eyes knowing that he's done his best and is deserving of a peaceful rest.

Everyday for 80 years he's started each day looking heavenward for guidance and strength, and everyday for 80 years he's ended his day on his knees with a prayer of thanks on his lips.

Everyday for 80 years he's accepted each challenge with determination to succeed, and everyday for 80 years he's vowed to try even harder to make his dreams a reality.

Everyday for 80 years he's watched his family grow smart and strong, and everyday for 80 years he's exhausted himself so that they could do exactly that.

Everyday for 80 years he's been a friend to those in need, and everyday for 80 years he's been a friend indeed!

Everyday for 80 years he's practiced what he's learned, and everyday for 80 years he's gladly shared those lessons with those wanting to know.

Everyday for 80 years he's laughed at the many foibles in the world, and everyday for 80 years he's cried over the myriad of life's injustices.

Everyday for 80 years he's celebrated the accomplishments of others, and everyday for 80 years he's been satisfied to simply be in the cheering section.

Everyday for 80 years he's thought well of people no matter their circumstances, and everyday for 80 years he's been completely satisfied with how folks perceive him.

Everyday for 80 years he's known that life's a journey he's been blessed to take, and everyday for 80 years he's also known that someday life's journey will come to an end.

Now that I've had a little more time to reflect, I suppose 29,219 days IS a long time on this earth.
And one thing I'm absolutely sure of is that my hubby has made the best use of his time!

I wish him many more days and nights of happiness and health. 8-0 IS GREAT-O! But imagine how FINE-O, 9-0 WILL BE!

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Storytime Pup, A BIG HIT!

Kids are so excited about the new channel on YouTube made just for them. Storytime Pup, created by Bill and Diane McManus, is focused on providing entertainment and education for youngsters 2-6. There are tons of great stories, toe-tapping music, terrific games, and much, much more.

One of my books, No Way To Haircut Day! is featured. How about checking it out, maybe giving it a thumbs up, and posting a comment. I would really appreciate it.

There is such a need for good, wholesome programming for little ones, and Storytime Pup intends to be the leader in this endeavor. None of the authors are compensated, and all monies received are donated to St. Jude's Hospital to continue the fight against childhood cancer.

Please take the time to put Storytime Pup on your screens. Everybody benefits. Thank You.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Storytime Pup Children's Book Read Aloud: No Way To Haircut Day! - Gramm...

No Way To Haircut Day!' is now on the new channel for ages 2-6. If you haven't gotten around to it yet, a view & a thumbs up would be greatly appreciated.

Monday, May 16, 2016

WHAT IF......

What if Donald Trump actually becomes president of this great land of ours?

  1. Women's rights will be set back hundreds of years.
  2. Immigrants, legal or illegal, will be subjected to undue scrutiny and horribly mistreated.
  3. Terrorists' families will be killed without actual involvement in malevolent actions.
  4. An ineffectual trillion dollar wall will be built along the Mexican borders.
  5. Superficial policies will be adopted to serve nobody other than the rich.
  6. Wars will erupt simply because Trump will instigate rather than effect peace between nations.
  7. Nothing will get accomplished in Washington because of his inability to reach across the aisles.
  8. The middle class will once again get the shaft and be left paying for the stupid ideas of govern.
  9. Trump will override Congress at every turn which is unconstitutional.
  10. After 8 years of turmoil, the US will be in worse shape than it was before Trump took office.
What if Hillary Clinton actually becomes president of this great land of ours?
  1. Women in business will receive the same salary as men received for the same job completed.
  2. Immigrants, legal or illegal, will be subjected to the current laws of the land and treated fairly.
  3. No families of terrorists will be killed because of what their children have done.
  4. No wall will be built costing a trillion dollars along the Mexican borders. Instead the monies will be used to beef up patrols, and turn back aliens until they've followed due process.
  5. Middle class taxing will be minimized while taxation on the rich will increase proportionally.
  6. Because Clinton's bonds with foreign governments have been solidified over her career, her chances to negotiate compromise are high.
  7. Clinton has friends on both sides of the aisles making progress more of a reality,
  8. The middle class will receive better treatment, much like it did when her husband was in office.
  9. Clinton will not take it upon herself to ignore Congress and sign laws indiscriminately. 
  10. After 8 years, the US just might be on track to becoming the great land it once was!
Now before you start to cuss at me, I am a registered Republican and have supported the party for most of the time since I was a  registered voter. But in good conscience, I simply cannot, will not vote for the likes of Donald Trump. It makes me sick to think that a man of such low morals and unscrupulous behavior could actually hold the highest position in the United States!

Furthermore, I have many doubts about how effective Hillary Clinton will be as the first woman president. But she at least has some knowledge of the political process, friends in higher places, and a good track record in foreign polices. She isn't the answer to all of our national problems, but she at least has a better chance to fix some of them.

Come November, nothing short of divine intervention will save this great land of ours! Pray hard and long for a positive outcome, otherwise WE'RE SCREWED!

Monday, May 2, 2016

Oh, Happy Day!

Yesterday was the last time Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey showcased elephants in their circus performances. Oh, Happy Day! For more than 200 yrs. these majestic animals have been forced to live in small enclosures, treated poorly, and made to do tricks that were harmful to their massive size simply to entertain paying customers. They have been restrained and beaten with little to no regard for their sensitive nature.

I have loved elephants ever since I first saw them up close and personal at the Pittsburgh zoo. I think I was five years old then, yet I could sense the sadness in their eyes. Even though many of the visitors threw peanuts at them, none of the elephants were quick to fetch and eat. Instead they slowly moved towards the offering, lowered their trunks, and half-heartedly scooped up a snack doing what was expected of them without complaint. After that initial encounter, each and every time I was at the zoo, which had to be more than 100 instances over 66 yrs.I made my way to the elephant house hoping to catch a glimpse of my favorite exhibit. I'd stand at the bars and secretly promise that if I could, I would unlock the cage, whisk them back to their natural environment, and set them free. I always had a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes knowing that it was a promise I could never keep.

While growing up, I took my children to the circus many times. When the elephants entered the ring, I'd be sure to tell them how magnificent these creatures were, I noted that despite their wrinkly appearance, they were highly intelligent and were capable of deep emotion. I needed my kids to develop a keen respect for elephants who were being held against their will, yet remained amicable towards their keepers and their audiences. I often wondered what I'd do under similar circumstances.

According to the news, Ringling Bros. will begin moving the elephants to their 200 acre conservation center in Florida. This attempt to reintroduce these animals to a natural habitat is noteworthy, but far from ideal. At least they will now have the freedom to roam about unimpeded by bars and tethers. It will take years for them to become comfortable with no restrictions, but since they are so smart, eventually they will adapt. My dream for all who have been kept in captivity of so many years is that one day they will be taken to either California or Tennessee, two states that have certified elephant sanctuaries comprised of over 2,000 acres. It is only then that these wonderful animals will finally be home where their lives can return to normalcy. Here they can laze in the water, romp through the high grasses, and enjoy the sunshine on their backs. They can give birth to their young, and honor their dead in a way that is more moving than even human practice.

I myself had nothing to do with their release, but somehow feel that my secret promise has come to fruition.

My heart is light,, my spirit, soaring! Oh, Happy Day!