Monday, May 28, 2018

Creativity Blocked

According to today's horoscope, my creativity seems to be blocked. Ya think? After an eighteen month hiatus, I began writing again. Everything was going well, deciding upon a topic, even coming up with a temporary title was easy until I hit a brick wall, and haven't been able to climb over, go under or around it so I just quit!

I'm not a person who gives up easily, but I can't seem to ignite the spark needed to create a fire of ideas. My mind is cave-like, dark, cold, empty. This isn't the first time I've been in this predicament, and I'm certain it won't be the last. Matter
of fact, although I'm not consciously aware of anything worthwhile going on at the moment, I believe creative thoughts are bouncing around underneath the surface, waiting patiently for the opportune time to make an appearance. 

When a writer can't do what a writer does, it's very frustrating. But, forcing the issue isn't the answer for me. Trying to put something down on paper only serves to aggravate the situation more, not help. Better to separate myself from the project completely. Now I'm not talking divorce, just giving me and my creativity space to rejuvenate and return to our relationship with renewed vigor. It may take a few more months, maybe even a year, but one day when I least expect it, the right idea will pop into my head and the story that has been hidden for so long will suddenly reveal itself. When that time comes, I'll be ready to write it down and share it with the world.

'One Color, Many Shades' must be given life. I strongly believe it's message is vital to the eventual realization of world peace. By no means am I saying I have the key to this long-awaited treasure, but I do think this little children's book has it's place on the map that will one day show us the way.

However, until my creativity freely flows again, I'm in lock-down. The only way to emerge from this dark, cold, empty place is to wait it out. Hope to see you on the other side sooner than later.

Blessings and Peace!

Monday, May 21, 2018

The Myth of Meditation

Some folks shutter at the mere mention of the word, 'meditation'. They conjure up images of ancient prophets, sitting cross-legged in the barren desert, with eyes shut and soul apparently traversing another world. These misguided people truly believe meditation is beyond their capabilities, and are unwilling to take that first step towards centering themselves. Hence, the myth of meditation.

'Centering oneself' is a functional definition for meditation, and we all can do it! There is no mystical power needed to collect your physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional being. First find a quiet, peaceful place where there is little chance of disturbance. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing, taking in air through your nostrils and releasing it through your mouth. Practice will enable you to breath more deeply, which is key to the centering process.

Next clear your mind of superfluous thought. In other words, seek to free yourself of everything and anything that can disrupt meditation. Again, as you continue to practice, it will become easier and easier to ban unwanted thinking.

From this point, what you choose to concentrate on is personal, but I'm more than happy to share my own channels with you. I begin by calling on the Creator, the Life Force to hover over me. I ask that this energy penetrate my skull and seep deep into my brain, harmonizing each cell so that they work in sync with one another, creating balance. Don't panic! This initial effort may seem difficult at first, but after a few attempts it becomes second nature to you. I promise.

As I continue the centering process, I invite the Life Force to enter into every part of my self, filling me with renewed energy to face whatever challenges the day may bring. During this time, there is a warmth that washes over me, providing a sense of peace and well-being.

Nearing the completion of my meditation, I ask that all that is detrimental to my body and soul be released into the atmosphere and evaporate into thin air. Lastly I again focus on my breathing, and when ready, I open my eyes.

There you have it, folks! Call it what you want, 'prayer', 'centering', 'meditation', but whatever name you choose, hopefully I've dispelled the myth of meditation. You can do it, and once you begin, I believe your lives will take on a more positive, peaceful existence.  I know centering has had a huge impact on my own.

Blessings and Peace!

Monday, May 14, 2018

DO NOT Sit Down!

Yes, my left foot hurts at times, and my left knee doesn't bend like it once did, but play a peppy tune and I'll be out on the dance floor, lickety-split (no, I don't  mean DOING a split, silly!). 

My hubby stands by the bay window and studies the GRASS. Strange fellow? Yes, but aside from this weird preoccupation, he's always a 'man on a mission!' He's anxiously awaiting any new growth that will give him the opportunity (excuse) to cut the lawn for the third time in less than two weeks!

We're both members of today's Senior Citizen Society, folks who are supposed to act their age, but absolutely REFUSE! We will not be relegated to the rocking chairs of old; we will not hire people to do chores that we can very well do ourselves; we will not stop learning new and interesting things; and we will certainly not SIT DOWN like needy, dutiful children!

The misconstrued idea of being 'elderly' is what contributes to the poor health and sedimentary life-style of so many people over the age of sixty. Although these very same folks lived robust, industrious lives either at home or in the work place, when they 'officially' become seniors, all of a sudden their energy and productivity mysteriously evaporates. Presto change-o, instantly aged! They think of themselves as 'old' so they behave accordingly.

Years ago our parents and grandparents lived functional, fruitful lives well into their eighties simply because they thought of themselves as being able to contribute to their families' needs. Wonder why there are so many filled-to-capacity assisted-living and nursing homes today? I don't think it's because seniors have become more feeble at a much quicker rate, but rather due to their early acceptance of growing old.

I've witnessed so many family and friends who sat down one day and never got up to do anything useful again. Their bodies rapidly declined, their minds turned to mush, and they became isolated and alone. Of course they died much earlier than necessary because they gave up on life far too soon.

In my estimation, every recliner and rocker in America should come with this warning label attached:

So fellow seniors, no matter what aches and pains you have, no matter how many candles are lit on your next birthday cake, and no matter how many of your kids, grandchildren, or neighbors shake their heads in disapproval, choose to dance, cut the grass, or paint the town red! Live your lives to the fullest, and when the young have something negative to say about it, OFFER THEM A SEAT!