Monday, August 5, 2013

What Did He Say?

For the life of me, I can't remember what yesterday's sermon was about.  I know the priest gave one; I recall sitting and seeing his lips move for at least 10 whole minutes.  But all that comes to mind is something about him being a young intern, his superior being organized, and another priest being a happy-go-lucky people person.  The organized fellow left the priesthood and the people person was killed in a car accident at a very young age.

I could blame my inability to remember the sermon on dementia or hearing loss.  I'm at the age where both of these maladies are quite plausible. But in fact I have an excellent memory and I can still hear anything I choose to hear.  In other words, I have great "selective hearing!"

Since most of his talk was lost on me, his efforts to prepare and deliver were all in vain at least in my regard.  I didn't learn much either.  So why even bother to sermonize?  He's obliged to give one?  A sermon to the faithful is expected?  Mass would be way too short? 

I guess there are those who listen to every word and decide to make an effort to change their ways.  I suppose there are those who hear some of the sermon and think they could implement a few of the suggestions given during the coming week.  And then there are the many like myself who spent the entire time thinking about what they're going to do once Mass is over, or why the person in front of them actually chose the outfit they are wearing to attend a church service?  The girl in front of me had on shorts that looked like underwear and were way smaller than any underpants I've ever owned.

As far as to what I had on my mind, I was being game host for a couple's baby shower. My nephew Brian and his wife, Monica, are having a baby girl in early September.  This is their first baby together; Monica has a 12 year old beautiful daughter, Trinity.  Also this is the first grandchild for Brian's Mom and Dad who are both in their late 70's.  They are absolutely walking on cloud nine!
I was going over all the games we'd be playing during the sermon and trying to think of ways to make them as awesome as I possible.  You know how everybody feels about shower games, right?

But the games I picked I knew would be a hit.  Who wouldn't like playing "Nibble the Nipple," "Dirty Diaper Dilemma," or "That Tastes Like Crap?"  Plus three or four more delightful contests!
And who couldn't resist picking a super prize from the treasure bag when they were victorious!  After all, precious gifts like kidney-shaped water bottles and Big Bird hand soap are desired items anyone would be happy to receive.

These were the thoughts that crowded my mind as the priest delivered his words of wisdom.  Deep down I know I should have tried to pay attention, but can any one of you blame me for thinking about my upcoming duties and the pressure on me for making this shower memorable!  I think not!

What did he say?  I'll ask my husband about the sermon.  He always listens.