Monday, October 31, 2016


Since my National Food Day post was so graciously received last week, I thought I'd gift my friends with another of my Baba's terrific recipes. If you liked her stuffed cabbage, you'll go 'ga ga' over her fried dough. These dainty pastries are so easy to make, and can be enjoyed right out of the deep fry or eaten days later by dipping them in your coffee or milk. 

As a child, I loved sharing Ceregi with my closest St. Michael's school pals. They'd often stop over on their way home, sit down at Baba's table and nibble on these snacks while telling her about their day. She was a great listener, never interrupting or imposing her views as the kids told of misconduct or unjust punishment. Baba would wait until their tales were finished before offering a kind word, or suggesting a better course of action the next time the same situation occurred. She was a "Dr. Phil" long before he ever came on to the scene!

In Polish, we say ‘Kruschiki’ and in Slovak, it is ‘Ceregi.’ No matter which word you use, this simple pastry was a favorite snack anytime of the year. Since a recipe can yield approx.100 bows, dozens were left over for days so that when they got really hard, dipping them in your morning coffee was especially scrumptious!

(fried dough)
(In order to obtain the recipe, click on the link, then tap and it should come up.)

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Baba's Favorite Thursday Slovak/Polish Recipes are incorporated including her one for fried dough. 

Baba was a gem of a woman, and if she were alive today I'd have a sign on my front lawn, BABA FOR PRESIDENT! Since she's in heaven, I have no sign on my front lawn!

Monday, October 24, 2016


Last Thursday my hubby and I started a project that we both dreaded, but needed to be done. For three seasons we've tried to grow grass in a section of our front lawn, but failed every time. Finally I told him we should dig up all the grass clumps, take the soil out until we hit clay, and then replace the area with stone which would provide additional parking space when family comes to visit.

Since we are both way over the hill, thinking about pushing wheelbarrows heaped with heavy dirt up our steep front grade, and then up an even steeper back hill to reach our compost box was daunting to say the least. After only two tries we were ready to call it a day!

Then down the road came 'ST. MICHAEL' in his shiny white SUV. Actually it was our neighbor, Rob, the police officer, who stopped to ask what we were doing. I call Rob, St. Michael, because he has an image of the archangel tattooed on his left bicep. I told him about our project, and of course, he admonished me for making my hubby do such strenuous labor, and laughed when I said that I was also doing strenuous labor.

Ten minutes later, Rob was pushing his over-sized wheelbarrow up the street with a pick ax and shovel in it. He began splitting the mounds of soil with the ax, hoisting the dirt into the wheelbarrow, and then rolling the heavy loads to their assigned destination. Even though Rob is a young man, physically fit, the work was difficult. We continued to do what we could, but St. Michael kept insisting that we take a break at every turn. Several times I accompanied Rob up our hills with my smaller load of dirt, but quickly realized my lack of strength as well as my lack of fitness and, of course, my advanced age.

Finally after about three hours, the area was stripped clean, ready to be filled with stone at a later date. With a hug from  me, and a handshake from hubby, St. Michael headed back down the road pushing his wheelbarrow complete with pick ax and shovel inside. For an instant I was positive I saw him floating above the ground, but after rubbing my eyes in disbelief, he had already disappeared into his driveway.

My hubby and I believe Rob is truly a saint, he's helped out many of our neighbors without ever being asked to lift a hand. He simply appears, does the job, and then nonchalantly returns home, refusing payment or praise. As a policeman, we know he has pledged to serve and protect, but this man goes way beyond his professional commitment.

Sometimes we're tempted to install a camera in the front of our house so we can catch St. Michael spreading his wings and soaring over the rooftops looking for anybody in need. But giving into temptation is the devil's work, so we'll just have to wait until we're in heaven and actually meet up with this archangel, person to person. I'll give him a big hug and my hubby will shake his hand. He'll give us a wink and a smile like Rob always does, and our suspicions will be verified: St. Michael has lived among us for twenty years doing good works under the earthly name of 'Rob, the police officer'!

We are all indeed blessed to have such a wonderful neighbor and friend.

Monday, October 17, 2016



: a psychosis characterized by systematized delusions of persecution or grandeur usually without hallucinations
: a tendency on the part of an individual or group toward excessive or irrational suspiciousness and distrustfulness of others

Those who suffer from paranoia are deserving of our compassion. This psychosis must be identified by mental health professionals and treated with therapy and medication. It isn't a casual illness that goes away by itself like the common cold or a sore throat. 

People that are paranoid see threats where none exist, they believe everybody is out to get them, and will say and do anything to eliminate the possibility of injury or destruction. Those with this illness are constantly looking over their shoulders, seeing danger at every turn. They become more and more secretive and tend to avoid personal and public involvement at any cost.

Persons with paranoia sometimes believe they are all-knowing, and simply tolerate the thoughts and actions of those seemingly far less intelligent. They are certain that their ideas, plans and conclusions are the best formulations, and will stop at nothing to implement them.

Actually if treated effectively, folks who suffer paranoia can be functional in society. However if left untreated, they can become seriously dangerous to themselves as well as to others. 

I don't know if Donald Trump suffers from this debilitating condition, but according to many of the media sources his actions of late seem to point in that direction. If he is indeed paranoid, becoming the leader of the greatest nation in the world would be catastrophic!

Please get out and vote on November 8, but before pressing the lever make sure you've put a great deal of thought into 'what if' the person elected IS PARANOID!

GOD BLESS AMERICA! more now than ever!

Monday, October 10, 2016


Without divulging my personal political affiliation, I must give Round Two to Hillary. Her delivery was professional as well as gracious. Her thoughtful and articulate answers, intellectually superior to that of her opponent's. She didn't lash out at Trump's continued interruptions, and above all, refused to engage in his derogatory comments about her husband.

I'm proud of her continued efforts to fight for the rights of the underdogs, women, children, and minorities. It has been shown that from the onset of her public career, Clinton has carried the banner for these groups and hasn't abandoned her cause for over thirty years. Although Trump threw out her thirty years as failure to accomplish anything of substance, Hillary refuted his claims each and every time by enumerating her many victories both at home and abroad.

Donald Trump constantly avoided the questions asked of him by either knocking Clinton or rambling about how he will defeat ISIS which he describes as "very, very bad" and how his dubious plans to lower taxes, keep out immigrants, and "Make America Great Again" as "very, very good." When a person has no idea about what they will do in certain instances, they tend to use the word, "very" multiple times as a filler to make themselves sound knowledgeable. I stopped counting the "verys" Trump implemented after eighteen!

When the topic was raised about the video shown on Friday regarding Trump's vulgarity towards women, and how he could do anything he wanted to them simply because he was a celebrity, he shrugged it off as "locker room banter." Even if every one of his abusive remarks were said in "a locker room," they reflect his derogatory mindset regarding females. As a woman, I find that extremely hurtful not only to myself, but to my two adult daughters, my sweet eleven year old granddaughter,  and to the millions of women both young and old who were subjected to his despicable comments.

About now you are probably saying that a perceived bleeding-heart Democrat such as myself is a biased, uninformed fruitcake who would defend Hillary simply because she's the Democratic nominee, but you'd be sadly mistaken. I've been a registered Republican for most of my adult life and this September I turned seventy-two! However you'd be right on one count since I am probably a bone fide fruitcake, but I AM VERY MUCH INFORMED AND UNBIASED!

I'm anxious to watch the third and last debate to solidify my choice for president. I strongly advise you to do the same!

Monday, October 3, 2016


Last night the Pittsburgh Steelers trounced the Kansas City Chiefs, 43-14. I think it was the first time this season that the entire team was involved in one facet of the game or another to pull it off. Big Ben was sensational in the passing area, #88, #84 # 81 and # 11 all scored touchdowns in the first half. Running backs, Le' Veon Bell and De Angelo Williams were spectacular.  Our kickers were on point all night! And what can I say about our defense? AWESOME! I love to watch the old timers, Harrison and Timmons, dominate the opponents with their speed and power! #95 had an interception that resulted in 6 pts. TEAMWORK WORKS! If the Steelers play the next 12 games similarly, they'll definitely find themselves in the hunt for their 7th Super Bowl title. What a change from the week before!

The politicians in Washington should take note of the Steelers success when they work together as a team. If our elected officials were truly committed to making things better for all people, Democrats and Republicans would put aside their party interests and adopt TEAMWORK WORKS as their mantra during the next four years. No matter which presidential candidate takes office, it's the Senate and Congress who formulate the bills, and eventually enact the laws of the land. Trying to 'one up' each other to gain political prowess is totally juvenile and does nothing to further the advancement of our people and our country.

The ones elected to govern each State of the Union also need to put differences aside and strive to work for their constituents, not for gain. Being part of something greater than one's own profit is far more satisfying, and definitely more beneficial for the common good. Service is the name of the game, not self-serving!

Just as I hope the Pittsburgh Steelrs continue on their road to the Super Bowl, my heartfelt wish is that the politicians from both parties consider themselves stewards of the people, and guardians of the land. If they are truly dedicated to the welfare of every man, woman, and child they represent, the United States of America can be a positive role model for every other country in the world.

Go Steelers! Go America! Winning is in your future! TEAMWORK WORKS!