Monday, October 3, 2016


Last night the Pittsburgh Steelers trounced the Kansas City Chiefs, 43-14. I think it was the first time this season that the entire team was involved in one facet of the game or another to pull it off. Big Ben was sensational in the passing area, #88, #84 # 81 and # 11 all scored touchdowns in the first half. Running backs, Le' Veon Bell and De Angelo Williams were spectacular.  Our kickers were on point all night! And what can I say about our defense? AWESOME! I love to watch the old timers, Harrison and Timmons, dominate the opponents with their speed and power! #95 had an interception that resulted in 6 pts. TEAMWORK WORKS! If the Steelers play the next 12 games similarly, they'll definitely find themselves in the hunt for their 7th Super Bowl title. What a change from the week before!

The politicians in Washington should take note of the Steelers success when they work together as a team. If our elected officials were truly committed to making things better for all people, Democrats and Republicans would put aside their party interests and adopt TEAMWORK WORKS as their mantra during the next four years. No matter which presidential candidate takes office, it's the Senate and Congress who formulate the bills, and eventually enact the laws of the land. Trying to 'one up' each other to gain political prowess is totally juvenile and does nothing to further the advancement of our people and our country.

The ones elected to govern each State of the Union also need to put differences aside and strive to work for their constituents, not for gain. Being part of something greater than one's own profit is far more satisfying, and definitely more beneficial for the common good. Service is the name of the game, not self-serving!

Just as I hope the Pittsburgh Steelrs continue on their road to the Super Bowl, my heartfelt wish is that the politicians from both parties consider themselves stewards of the people, and guardians of the land. If they are truly dedicated to the welfare of every man, woman, and child they represent, the United States of America can be a positive role model for every other country in the world.

Go Steelers! Go America! Winning is in your future! TEAMWORK WORKS!