Monday, October 10, 2016


Without divulging my personal political affiliation, I must give Round Two to Hillary. Her delivery was professional as well as gracious. Her thoughtful and articulate answers, intellectually superior to that of her opponent's. She didn't lash out at Trump's continued interruptions, and above all, refused to engage in his derogatory comments about her husband.

I'm proud of her continued efforts to fight for the rights of the underdogs, women, children, and minorities. It has been shown that from the onset of her public career, Clinton has carried the banner for these groups and hasn't abandoned her cause for over thirty years. Although Trump threw out her thirty years as failure to accomplish anything of substance, Hillary refuted his claims each and every time by enumerating her many victories both at home and abroad.

Donald Trump constantly avoided the questions asked of him by either knocking Clinton or rambling about how he will defeat ISIS which he describes as "very, very bad" and how his dubious plans to lower taxes, keep out immigrants, and "Make America Great Again" as "very, very good." When a person has no idea about what they will do in certain instances, they tend to use the word, "very" multiple times as a filler to make themselves sound knowledgeable. I stopped counting the "verys" Trump implemented after eighteen!

When the topic was raised about the video shown on Friday regarding Trump's vulgarity towards women, and how he could do anything he wanted to them simply because he was a celebrity, he shrugged it off as "locker room banter." Even if every one of his abusive remarks were said in "a locker room," they reflect his derogatory mindset regarding females. As a woman, I find that extremely hurtful not only to myself, but to my two adult daughters, my sweet eleven year old granddaughter,  and to the millions of women both young and old who were subjected to his despicable comments.

About now you are probably saying that a perceived bleeding-heart Democrat such as myself is a biased, uninformed fruitcake who would defend Hillary simply because she's the Democratic nominee, but you'd be sadly mistaken. I've been a registered Republican for most of my adult life and this September I turned seventy-two! However you'd be right on one count since I am probably a bone fide fruitcake, but I AM VERY MUCH INFORMED AND UNBIASED!

I'm anxious to watch the third and last debate to solidify my choice for president. I strongly advise you to do the same!

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