Monday, October 31, 2016


Since my National Food Day post was so graciously received last week, I thought I'd gift my friends with another of my Baba's terrific recipes. If you liked her stuffed cabbage, you'll go 'ga ga' over her fried dough. These dainty pastries are so easy to make, and can be enjoyed right out of the deep fry or eaten days later by dipping them in your coffee or milk. 

As a child, I loved sharing Ceregi with my closest St. Michael's school pals. They'd often stop over on their way home, sit down at Baba's table and nibble on these snacks while telling her about their day. She was a great listener, never interrupting or imposing her views as the kids told of misconduct or unjust punishment. Baba would wait until their tales were finished before offering a kind word, or suggesting a better course of action the next time the same situation occurred. She was a "Dr. Phil" long before he ever came on to the scene!

In Polish, we say ‘Kruschiki’ and in Slovak, it is ‘Ceregi.’ No matter which word you use, this simple pastry was a favorite snack anytime of the year. Since a recipe can yield approx.100 bows, dozens were left over for days so that when they got really hard, dipping them in your morning coffee was especially scrumptious!

(fried dough)
(In order to obtain the recipe, click on the link, then tap and it should come up.)

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Baba's Favorite Thursday Slovak/Polish Recipes are incorporated including her one for fried dough. 

Baba was a gem of a woman, and if she were alive today I'd have a sign on my front lawn, BABA FOR PRESIDENT! Since she's in heaven, I have no sign on my front lawn!