Monday, July 29, 2013


Today's Monday and time for me to post something zippy on my blog.  I'm a writer.  I put words on paper that people read.  Sometimes they like what I write and sometimes they don't.  But, at least they read what I write.  Today is Monday and I got NOTHING! NIL! NADA! ZILCH!  Blank as an unwritten check!  CLUELESS!

How could this be?  If I'm a writer, I have to be able to write, right?  Doctors just don't stop taking care of the sick because they can't think of what to do, right?  Plumbers just don't stop fixing leaky pipes because they can't remember what an "elbow" is, right?  Chefs just don't stop cooking because they forgot how to turn on the gas, right?  Sooooooo, if I'm a writer, I've got to write something.  After all, today is Monday, right?

I'm thinking.  Still thinking.  Raising my head and searching my mind log.  Staring out the window.
Watching my dog lick herself.  Looking at the lamp I bought yesterday and wondering why I paid 50 bucks for that piece of crap!  Hoping my in-grown toe nail stops hurting.  Still thinking.  Scratching my ear even though it's not itchy.  Watching my dog scratch her ear.  Wondering if her ear was really itchy.  Still thinking.  Wishing I could lose the 8lbs. I lost 2months ago.  Actually, wishing I could lose the 8lbs. I lost 2 months ago plus the 4 extra pounds added in the past 3 weeks. Hearing my husband fart while reading the morning paper sitting in the chair next to me. Trying to pass a stinkier fart to get even.  Studying the dust specks floating through the air.  Thinking they might be remnants of my husband's fart. Trying to remember how old my three adult children are.  Maybe 44, 43, & 35, but not really sure.  Who cares anyhow?  I have trouble remember my own age let alone worrying how old they are.  I don't need any added pressures at my age whatever it is!  Speculating how old people have sex. I guess as long as they leave the lights off and have a fertile imagination and the important parts are in relatively good working order, they could have a very satisfying experience. Since I'm not sure of my age, and don't think I'm classified as "old" yet, I'll worry about this matter when I'm older.

Well, you can't say I didn't give it my all.  Today is Monday but I can't think of a single thing to write.  I'm CLUELESS!