Monday, September 23, 2013


Few things in life have the power to take away my generally happy disposition.  Cold coffee, ear-splitting sound at the movies, and of course, being constipated for three days can cause me to frown or scream until the situation has been rectified.  I yell my fool head off when I'm constipated!

But the one thing that can make me downright GRUMPY is poor execution of a pro football team when that pro football team is none other than the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Their record for this season is 0-3.  If you consider the exhibition games, it's 0-7.  Since August my blood pressure is through the roof!

And when I get GRUMPY, it's time to start pointing fingers.  Pointing fingers seems to calm me down somewhat so here goes.  When a reporter asked Coach Tomlin what needs to be done to turn their season around, his prophetic comment was, "Nothing!"  NOTHING, that's right, this wizard of the game said NOTHING!  ALL THEY NEED TO DO IS EXECUTE!  DAH! And DOUBLE DAH! I'm sure you know what finger I'm using to point in Tomlin's direction these days.

Now, let's throw some blame on the offensive coordinator, Todd Haley.  He's a blunt sort of a guy so I feel I can be blunt as well.  His game plan stinks!  RUN, RUN, PASS.  And when that doesn't work, then RUN, RUN, PASS again and again and again!  I'm pointing the same finger at Haley that I use on Tomlin.

Big Ben deserves some finger pointing, too.  He does have a huge heart and is truly involved in keeping his team together.  For that reason Ben is spared the above-mentioned finger.  But his slow starts and less than accurate executions along with two fumbles of late is aggravating to say the least.
I know his line is horrible, but he has to find a way to get the ball to Miller, Brown, and Sanders.  He's done it before with a horrible line; he must do it again!

Oh no, LeBeau, if you thought you were off the hook, think again.  I don't know who's ranking defensive lines these days, but the Steelers' defense is pitiful.  Not being able to hold the other team's receivers and running backs for a few yards in order to avert another touchdown is ridiculous.  Sorry, Dick, I'm pointing my finger at you as well.  You need to reassess and revise an all-too-obvious defensive plan.  Maybe it's also time for you to reassess and revise your own career plan before you go down as so many have as not knowing when to say when is enough.

Wait, I feel something happening.  My dark mood is beginning to clear.  I'm slowly beginning to return to my happy, sweet self.  I think my finger pointing just might have had something to do with lowering my blood pressure and raising my spirits.  Ah, that feels better!