Monday, February 10, 2014


Who wouldn't want to be a character in a famous romance writer's novel?  Pick me, pick me, pick me, I hear you screaming!  Add to that that the new book is going to be dubbed with one of Elvis Presley's song titles. And finally, that you actually get to choose which of his many great hits it will be!  Well, my very good friend and very talented author of tender love stories, Mimi Barbour, is offering you the chance of a lifetime. All during the month of February you can enter her contest by going to Fresh Fiction:
But rather than me going on and on and on about such a terrific opportunity, Mimi herself will give you all the details in my Monday morning blog.  Take it away, Mimi!

After I listened to an old Elvis Presley hit called “She’s Not You”, I couldn’t get the words out of my head. Finally, it came to me. The sentiments were so beautiful that the story they told should be written. So, I wrote the first chapter and the song stopped haunting me. I released book #1 of the Elvis Series late in Nov. When it came time to decide which of Elvis’s song should be chosen for Book #2, I decided who better than the readers themselves to make the choice.

                                      Hence “Make an Elvis song into a book contest!” was born.

.                                    HERE IT IS LIVE THE WHOLE MONTH OF FEBRUARY

Please let all your friends know about it! Tell your mom and her pals who grew up with the King!

Share the above link with your Facebook buddies and twitter followers. It'll be fun to see which of his songs will grace the cover of Book #2 in Mimi Barbour’s Elvis series.

                                              HERE IS WHAT THE WINNER WILL RECEIVE:
                        1. The winner will have his/her favorite song chosen as the title and theme
                            for the next book in the Elvis series.
                        2. It will be dedicated to the winner.
                        3. And their name will be used for one of the characters.

                                           Video of Elvis singing – Book #1 “She’s Not You”

Thanks, Mimi, for taking the time to clue us in with the specifics.  I already have the song in mind I'd submit if I weren't one of your buds!  Hope one of the crime writers takes the hint and runs an Elvis contest.  I think 'JAILHOUSE ROCK' would make an awesome story. And I'd make an awesome warden!     love ya'll

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