Monday, August 11, 2014


Every human being goes through puberty so what's the big deal about making it the central theme in my latest novel? According to my daughter, Joy, the title, Pimples and Periods (When We Were Kids, Book 3), is going to put a lot of people off. Really? Although classified in the juvenile fiction genre, this tale is appropriate for ages 9 to 99! You're either close to being pubescent, are currently going through the throes of puberty, or can remember that time in your life as if it were yesterday.

Not only do I give accurate information about the process, but infuse a ton of humor to make readers see puberty for what it truly is, a Right of Passage. Girls are told about what happens to their bodies and why those changes are occurring in a delicate, sensitive manner. Boys learn why their voices change, why hair starts growing all over the place, and, the possibility of outbreaks of unsightly acne. In this tale, suggestions as to how to deal with ugly zits comes from such unreliable sources as younger sister, Betty Lou and Uncle Tom. However in My Letter To Readers, I direct kids experiencing skin problems to talk to their parents and find a professional to help eradicate this condition with effective treatment.

Our society today proclaims transparency at every turn beginning from the White House down to the everyday mom and dad who are proud to say they can talk to their children about anything. Really?
I don't know, but a number of young teens either lack even the most basic knowledge of what their bodies and emotions are about to experience, or have erroneous information they've gained from their peers.

Why parents feel so uncomfortable about "the talk" in our modern world remains a mystery to me. For this very reason, as a life-long child advocate, I was compelled to write Pimples and Periods to offer valuable information on the topic of puberty to both teens and adults alike. It can be used as a stepping stone to initiate conversation. In the back of the book I provide 10 Talking Points that cover just about every aspect of this Right of Passage. By using this helpful insert, your discussion with son or daughter can actually be informative and fun at the same time.

To me, Pimples and Periods, was the obvious title choice. I can't imagine calling it anything else and that anybody would be put off by it. Really!

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