Monday, September 29, 2014

What is Truth And Where Can It Be Found?

I've been reading the newspapers since I was knee-high to a grasshopper. My first exposure was to the comic strips in the Pittsburgh Press. Nancy and Sluggo were my favorite characters. As I grew in body and mind, the stories on the front page caught my interest. They were usually about some hometown happening or national event. I was always struck by how quickly a reporter could turn what he or she had heard about or had actually witnessed into print. I never once doubted their veracity because if it made it to the papers, it had to be the truth!

Fast forward to present day. Now I read the Tribune Review. I still read the comics, but usually wait till the last possible moment. I want to end with a smile on my face and some peace in my heart. The front page almost always presents the latest tragedy, terrorism, or trauma in gigantic headlines. Even if I try to overlook them, the horrors of the day hit me in the face like a Tyson uppercut. Leafing through the rest of the paper is no better. National news focuses on dissidents and warfare from across the globe. My only reprieve is the occasional full-page department store sales ad.

And if all of that isn't enough to make a grown woman cry, the political page rears its ugly head. Column after column is devoted to either elevating the deeds of a current incumbent or bashing the very same person for the very same deeds. Then there are the stories about the challengers who have either led a life of crime, or if elected, are about to become criminals. Starting in late August and reaching well into the last few days of October, the only news is about November elections be they local, state, or national. There are no holds barred. Whether what is written is true or not, it makes absolutely no difference. If it serves to get a preferred candidate votes, that's all that really matters.Integrity and morality have no place in the newspaper world today. Honesty and values don't generate interest and do little to secure political victories.

Please don't think I'm ragging on the Tribune Review because I'm not. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette does the exact same thing. USA Today, likewise! And every other paper on the planet!

Unfortunately the truth is low on the list of politician priorities. It has been so twisted that what is true can no longer be recognized and where it can be found is a mystery to me!

Oh, wait, I take that back. Truth does reside in most newspapers. You can find it in the comic strips!

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