Monday, April 6, 2015

Jesus Christ, Super Star!

On the Thursday prior to Easter, I went to see the play, Jesus Christ, Super Star, at the Palace Theater in Greensburg, PA. Although this amazing representation of Christ's love of mankind had been around in film and on stage for decades, I'd never been privileged to see it.

What struck me most was how Christ was realistically portrayed. He wasn't this meek fellow that simply accepted his fate without question. He riled against Roman paganism, threatened the leaders with death unless they changed their ways, and fiercely fought against the agonizing torture and cruel slaughter that awaited Him. He begged His Father to release Him from the dictations of Scripture up until the last moments of His earthly existence. Although Christ was the Son of God, He was truly human as well. I think for the first time in my life I understood exactly what being human meant as far as Jesus was concerned.

I've attended Holy Week services for over sixty years, but never once did I actually realize more of what Christ went through on my behalf until I witnessed it on stage that night.. His unyielding efforts to reverse Roman beliefs, His struggles to deal with the infidelities of His apostles, His excruciating internal battles to accept what He was destined to endure, His fear and despondency over His Father's expectations, and His horrible punishment and inhumane treatment left me heartbroken. This two hour portrayal was the most impactful service I'd ever attended throughout my entire life!

Roma Downey and hubby, Mark Burnett, produced a twelve week series, A.D. the Bible Continues, which began airing on Easter night. Roma, as you may remember, was the star of Touched By An Angel, and Mark is the producer of both Survivor and Shark Tank. Roma is a devout Catholic, Mark, a devoted Christian.

After being profoundly moved by Jesus Christ, Super Star, I was compelled to watch from the beginning. Although the first show was a reiteration of the events leading up to Calvary, and the Crucifixion itself, I'm eagerly looking forward to the next eleven episodes. I want to know more details about the days following the Resurrection, and what happened to Christ's apostles over time. I want to experience the countless attempts to crush Christianity, and most importantly, I want to take pride in the tenacity and stubbornness of the men and women who refused to be denied.

Even at seventy there is much to be learned if only a person is willing to be taught!

Happy Easter!