Monday, October 5, 2015

Pittsburgh Pirates: LET'S DO THIS!

Yesterday our Pittsburgh Pirates secured home field advantage for the wild card game against the Chicago Cubs. Beat them on  Wednesday and the Pirates play the St. Louis Cardinals on Friday. Beat them and Pittsburgh would play the New York Mets or the Los Angeles Dodgers for the NL title.

That would bring our well-deserving home boys to the World Series! We've been in the playoffs for the past three years and now is the time to move ahead for the ultimate prize. Clint Hurdle and his boys of summer are ready and able. The milllions of Pittsburgh fans are ready and waiting. In my opinion, the world is ready and eager to join us in this long-awaited celebration!

Every player on the Pittsburgh Pirates team has contributed to their current success. They've played their hearts out, they've danced in the dugout, they've pitched like cannons on the battle fields of every ball park from the East coast to the West coast. The Pirates have swung their bats with the speed and power of mighty meteors. They've fought until bloodied, argued with umps until rudely ejected, and got into some heated confrontations with the opposing enemies.

Every fan has contributed to their success as well. They've purchased tickets to fill the stadium time and time again. They've poured their hearts into every pitch and every hit. They've been saddened by every loss, but never have given up the thought of going the distance. Those of us who couldn't be at the ballpark have been glued to our TVs doing exactly the same as those in attendance. We believe winning the World Series this year is not only possible, but written in the stars.

Come on, Pirates, this is our time to shine. You're in the driver's seat, and we've come along for the ride of a lifetime.