Monday, December 14, 2015

Grammy, Family, And Faith

If you're lucky enough to have your grammy with you and if you've been blessed to be a grammy, this time of the year is especially wonderful. Christmas provides the family an opportunity to listen to grammy's stories of long ago when she herself was a child, watch her face light up when she talks about what her mother and father did to make their home warm and inviting, empathize with grammy as her eyes fill with tears remembering how her Zedo sat at the head of the table on Christmas Eve, raising his glass and toasting to the blessings they'd received throughout the year while Baba served those traditional foods that only graced the table at Christmas.

And if possible, attend church services together. For grammy, having her family with her singing Silent Night and Joy to the World, awaiting the start of midnight mass is priceless. Her faith which was instilled in her from birth, is what has kept her going over the years. It is these beliefs that allowed grammy to face the trials and tribulations of life and be the stronger for it. Grammy is proud of her family and is filled with a deep sense of satisfaction in knowing that when she is gone,
her son and daughters and their families will carry on the traditions she held so close to her heart.

When opening presents, sneak a peek at grammy as she anticipates the  reactions of her grandchildren. Just knowing that she has made some of their dreams come true is the best gift grammy could ever receive. She doesn't need things, she is perfectly content with hearing the squeals and wows of the people who mean most to her in the entire world.

Lastly, remember to shower her with hugs and kisses as you depart for home. Knowing that she's loved and appreciated is what keeps grammy full of life, perhaps so full, she'll be around for next Christmas, too!