Monday, June 13, 2016

Strange Series of Occurrences?

You may consider the story I'm about to tell you a strange series of occurrences, at first, I did, too.

Last week while on FB, I received a friend request. Since I recognized the name, I immediately clicked on the person's page to accept. Much to my surprise, the profile photo looking back at me wasn't my friend's face. However, I did accept because this lady looked like someone I'd certainly have befriended had we ever met. If you know me at all, I'm sure you aren't a bit shocked.

Since I hadn't seen or talked to my friend in about three years, pangs of guilt began to peck at my terrible negligence. I wondered if she had a FB page so I typed in her full name and about thirty people bearing the same moniker appeared. Unfortunately she wasn't among them. About to give up at this point, I noticed a profile without a photo but with a high school's name I recognized. I clicked on it and, voila, I'd arrived! From the looks of it, her page wasn't used much, but I sent her a friend request anyhow.

When I didn't get a response after a two day's wait, I decided it was time to give her a call. I dialed but again my efforts were thwarted since that number was no longer in service. Things were getting weird. Immediately I googled my friend's name in the white pages of our phone directory. What I found was confusing to say the least. There were two addresses listed, the newest in a small town in North Carolina I'd never heard of before, and the one I knew.

I've always been a person intrigued by mystery, so I had no intention of quitting this search now. I googled the small town in NC and, lo and behold, when perusing the white pages, my friend's husband's name popped up. I quickly jotted down their number and address and dialed. After four rings a familiar voice informed me that I could leave a message and someone would get back to me soon. I didn't need to explain who I was so I simply asked to receive a call back at her earliest convenience. Two days went by and when I didn't hear from her, I tried again and promised my friend I'd keep calling until she forgave me for me negligence and called back to give me hell!

Finally in the evening of the third day, the phone rang. When I answered, we both started talking at the same time and by the sound of it, we both were very glad we'd connected. What she told me next blew my mind! She'd been in Pittsburgh for the past week attending her brother's funeral. After expressing my heartfelt sympathies, she explained how he died suddenly, and wasn't quite ready to come to terms yet with his death. I totally understood since six years ago I, too, lost my brother under similar circumstances.

We talked for over 90 minutes, and even though we knew we had to end our conversation, I'm sure we could have gone on for at least another ninety.

After hanging up, I thought about everything that had occurred over the last five days. Why did somebody with the same name as that of my friend's FB me now? And why did I decide to check to see if my friend had a FB profile now? And why did I call her after not connecting in over three years now? And why did I continue to search her out when I kept hitting roadblocks now?

Strange series of occurrences? I think not. I believe that when people have a strong connection to one another, when their bond is so tight it will never be severed no matter how much time passes without a word or an encounter, they always remain unconsciously in touch. There is never a moment that their souls aren't aware of each other's existence. Then when something extraordinary happens, their spirits communicate as only spirits can, alerting one or the other that their friend is in need. Their spirits persist until a connection is made.

Strange series of occurrences? Certainly not. I know 'why now' and I'm glad our spirits continued to speak so we, too could talk, and I had the chance to be of some comfort and support.

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