Monday, January 9, 2017


OMG! Did you see the AFC Wild Card game between our Pittsburgh Steelers and the Miami Dolphins yesterday? It was the ultimate in professional sports teamwork by the Steelers that I've ever seen, and I've been watching football since the first Super Bowl season. From the head coach down to the water boys, if indeed there are water boys, everyone contributed to the 30-12 winner over the Fish! And that included the players who never got on to the field, those who were injured and not even dressed, and those who perhaps didn't even make it to the stadium but were cheering their hearts out while watching the game on television or whatever device they used to bear witness to this unbelievable contest.

I've chosen not to name anybody in particular because in my opinion, they are all deserving of mention, and if I tried to give them all credit and inadvertently missed one, I would feel horrible. Every person connected to this important win is worthy of the game ball, and since getting a sliver of the leather wouldn't work, this special honor should be presented to the entire team and staff. 

As the game progressed, my heart swelled and I grew prouder with every pass, run, catch, kick, punt, and play. It's as if all these guys were working as one unit in their efforts to succeed. Every one on the field at any given time was committed to doing their job for the good of all. There wasn't a single inflated ego to be found anywhere at anytime during the entire 60 minutes. That just goes to show that by working together as a team, nine times out of ten, you'll win together as a team!

From the legendary veteran to the year-after-year soldiers, to the humble rookies, to both the awesome offense and the unstoppable defense, to the coaches and staff, I salute your determined efforts on and off the field. By working together, you've not only given the team the chance to win a seventh Super Bowl, but you've shown our youngsters that teamwork is the best path to success. You've impressed upon them the need to be responsible for doing your job and doing it well. When every person is committed to performing at their personal best, good things happen. 

I can't wait until next Sunday when the Steelers go against the Kansas City Chiefs. Whether they win or lose, I'm sure I'll witness the same commitment and dedication to teamwork as I did yesterday. Of course I'm hoping for a win, but seeing ultimate teamwork like no other once again will make me just as proud!

A side note worth mentioning:

This summer I had the privilege to meet many of the Steelers during a July practice at St. Vincent College. These men were well-mannered and showed respect to a let's just say mature woman. They didn't talk down to me or my grandson, and reflected a humble spirit that caught me off guard. I guess because of their national status, I was expecting a polite brush-off from most of them. Never happened! Although they had just finished two hours of grueling drills in the hot sun, and were starved and ready to chow down, every one we spoke to in the cafeteria made Kaden and I feel that we were deserving of their time, and that the food could wait. 

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