Monday, June 26, 2017


So on April 30th I ordered online two rocker/recliners from JCPenney to complete the new look of our living room. I was made aware that it would take 6-8 weeks for the products to be shipped. On June 7th, I received an email stating that the chairs were shipped via XPO Logistics and the arrival date was estimated to be June 17th. It is now the 25th and after numerous phone calls, numerous promises, and numerous failures to fulfill said promises, I'm without my purchases AND without the money JCPenney quickly secured from my bank holdings.

Needless to say, I'm livid!!!!!!!!!!!! Everybody I talked to said I'd hear back from XPO in 24 - 48hrs. with the exact time they'd be appearing in my driveway with my long-awaited chairs. Nothing, no calls, nada, nil!

Yesterday I call the JCP furniture shipping department once again and spoke to a chap named Mel. He reviewed the entire case, put me on hold in order to contact XPO, and informed me that because of it being the weekend, staff was scarce and he'd be able to get to the bottom of this dilemma on Monday. Mel promised to get in touch with me today with good news. Somehow I didn't quite believe him so I decided to give JCP Customer Service another try. Alovely woman named Susan answered, and when I wanted their complaint department she offered to listen to my story of woe.

Susan affirmed everything I told her since she'd pulled up my account where everything that had transpires was noted. After apologizing profusely for the inefficiency of all involved, this customer-friendly associate gave me the spill. She told me that this has been happening more since JCP contracted with XPO who somehow often misplace or lose items . How in God's holy name can two rocker/recliners be misplaced or lost?

She advised me to ask to speak to a supervisor in the furniture shipping dept., but when I told her I had, and Mel said he wasn't permitted to give out the names of management, Susan was aghast! Furthermore upon studying my account again, Susan said that it appeared that Mel had closed my case which meant it had been resolved. At this point I was ENRAGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Before terminating our call, Susan gave me the coveted number for Corporate Customer Service, advised me to wait until Tuesday since Mondays are extremely hectic, and encouraged me to ask for some type of reimbursement due to the lack of incompetency I've been forced to deal with.  I intend to totally follow her advice.

If you're planning to buy furniture from JCP in the near future, I strongly suggest: CUSTOMER BEWARE! at least until Susan in head of their furniture shipping department!