Monday, August 26, 2019

What I've Been Up To?

I haven't posted on my blog since November, 2018. Actually I took a hiatus from writing books for a few years and then decided to stop writing altogether. I was busy with a number of other things in my life and couldn't find the time.

One day while reading a poem I'd written for one of my best friends who passed away suddenly, I felt the need to return to my poetic roots. When I was a sophomore in high school, I was blessed to have had Sister Rosemarie as my English Lit teacher. She was this elfin lady with twinkling eyes and a mischievous spirit. At least once a week, she would read classical poetry to us.The beauty of verse captured my imagination, and when the good nun encouraged me to try my hand at it, I was very excited. For some reason, she took a special interest in my efforts and focused on developing my rudimentary skills. By the end of the year, I had a compilation of at least a hundred poems of rhyme and free style. I wish I had saved them, but unfortunately they've disappeared over time.

About a year ago, I invited a young woman I'd met at a Zumba class to partner with me in working on a poetry project. At first she flatly refused, but when I kept bugging her, she consented to giving it a whirl. She rapidly began messaging me poems; 'rabidly' probably would better describe our interaction. With every submission, her verse became more and more expressive, more and more reflective of her natural ability, more and more unique. I was so happy to be engaged with a person of her talent. Unfortunately about half way through the project we hit an impasse that would prove deadly to our partnership. Being the eternal optimist, I still believe that we will pen a poetry masterpiece one day in the future!

However, I continued to forge ahead. It has taken me longer to complete, 'Soul-Powered Poetry: From the Gates of Heaven to the Depths of Hell,' than I had expected, but for me it was well-worth the effort. Before I offer a brief synopsis of my first book for adults, I need to explain why I write...anything. I am not interested in profit and fame. In the beginning of my writing career, I wanted to both educate and entertain. Judging by the thousands of families who have purchased my children's and tween/teen books, I believe I have succeeded in that department.

The only constant in life is change. Following this old adage, in writing poetry, aside from not seeking fame and fortune, I set my sights on a different outcome. I decided that every poem written would be a personal message to someone in need of receiving it. If you don't connect with the verses, it simply is because you have no need to receive those messages.

Now for the brief synopsis I promised of 'Soul-Powered Poetry: From the Gates of Heaven to the Depths of Hell.'

'SOUL-POWERED POETRY: From the Gates of Heaven to the Depths of Hell,' unites traditional and contemporary verse. Time-honored poems utilize rhyme to incorporate a musical flow to the content of their message. This aspect of traditional poetry continues to thoroughly delight today's readers, and therefore is sprinkled within many of my offerings. Contemporary poetry relies on the more esoteric content of its message, challenging readers to dig deeper into their thought processes to understand what is being conveyed. ‘SOUL-POWERED POETRY’ is meant to do exactly what the title suggests, propel one’s soul to a power it has yet to experience!

As the subtitle of my new book suggests, the poems deal not only with lofty ideas, but also with the underbelly of life. There is some dark and heavy material presented that may repel readers who find such offerings unsettling. However, life is not all roses and butterflies, and my intention is to explore the aspects of living we are confronted with either personally or in our society. Remember I am trying to reach those in need of the message being delivered.

At this time I would like to share how I became interested in esoteric philosophy. Two years ago I was invited by another Zumba enthusiast to attend a lecture given by William Meader, an esoteric professor. Mr. Meader comes to the Pittsburgh area every October to enlighten those interested in his teachings. To say that I was blown away by his words would be a huge understatement. Although he'd only spoken for 90 minutes, his message so deep, I was completely and utterly drained  physically, mentally, and spiritually. He will be at various Pittsburgh locations this year, October 8-13.

Lastly, take note that I am writing under the pen name, 'Lindy Starr.' When my Author Page first appeared on Amazon, my former poetry cohort sent me a private message saying that 'Lindy Starr' was the moniker of a woman working in the porn industry. Shocking! I want to assure you I had no idea my adopted author ID had any such connection. Those of you who know me, would never believe I could be THAT LINDY STARR...I certainly do not have the physical attributes necessary to succeed in that business nor the inclination! I chose the name to honor my beloved constant company of nearly seventeen years, 'Shadow Lindy Starr' my beautiful, sweet dog who crossed over the Rainbow Bridge in June. Miss you, Shadow, always and forever!

I hope all of my blogger friends are happy to have me back on #MondayBlogs! Please comment whenever you have something to say be it yea or nay. I'm always glad to here from you and appreciate your support. 

Blessings and Peace


  1. Welcome back to Monday Blogs! Congratulations on your new book. How exciting.

    1. Thanks, Lydia, your support is much appreciated!