Monday, July 16, 2012

Grammys, realize your dreams!

    So what if we're in our 60's, 70's, 80's or more!   We still have goals to achieve and dreams to be realized.  Most often we've had to shelf our personal goals to support our husbands and children with their immediate needs.  Instead of pursuing our careers, we've encouraged everyone else to work hard to grab that brass ring. 
     That's fine, that's what makes us the strong, caring women we've become.  But now it's our turn.
Yes ladies, NOW is the time to achieve that goal!  Whether it be to learn to swim, ride a motorcycle, or scale Mt. Everest, go for it!  We may not be getting any younger, but we can certainly motivate ourselves to obtain whatever it is we've always believed we could be or do.
     I've always wanted to write children's books.  I have a great imagination and love to pen stories.  Yet, until 2 months ago, I could never get around to it.  I didn't have the time; I needed an illustrator; I wasn't sure I could be published.  These are only a few of the excuses I entertained for years.  But at 68 yrs of age, I decided to chuck the excuses and just do it!
     Over the years, I'd written many stories about or for my grandchildren.  So, with the help of my son-in-law, Tim, I learned how to use the internet to secure a terrific illustrator, marry my words with the corresponding illustrations, and finally publish my first book, "NO WAY TO HAIRCUT DAY!"
For me, it's a dream come true! 
     I have five more books in the hopper, each dedicated to one of the members of "Grammy's Gang."  My six grandchildren will have a treasured memory of me in a personalized book written just for them.  But, more importantly, even at my age, I am beginning a new career; one I had to put aside for many years.  Now, I've realized my dream.  YOU CAN, TOO!