Sunday, July 29, 2012

Young people need a grammy's wisdom

Attended a graduation party yesterday.  There was the usual crowd, babies, toddlers, elementary, middle and highschool kids, moms, dads, grammys and papaps.  As everybody sat around laughing and talking, I noticed each subgroup gathered in their own area.  Although everyone looked like they were having fun, I decided a shake-up was in order. 

So, though uninvited, I inserted myself in every group under some poor guise of an excuse.  The very young and old accepted me pretty much without any trepidation.  I played peek-a-boo with the babies; I played corn toss with the toddlers or at least tried to get them to play; I played "sling ball"
with the 6-12 year olds.  Having never played this game before, I was sure I would embarrass myself.
But, lo and behold, in four tosses I won the game!  Grammy, "Queen for a Day" of SLING BALL!

The moms, dads, grammys and papaps and I had no trouble communicating since we talk about the same things; kids, money, politics, religion.

It was the the teenagers that were the biggest challenge.  No surprise there!  They were all huddled in the den talking in hushed tones.  I stood in the doorway and announced, "hey, you can't ignore us older folks; we won't let you." They all looked at me with the appropriate perfunctory smiles. 
"We're probably having way more fun than you guys anyway," I continued.
"And you might just learn something while you're having all that fun,"  I insisted.

I left the den without any further ado.  About ten minutes later, the teens gradually migrated to the backyard.  Here and there little mixed groups of all ages began to form and everybody was still laughing and talking and having fun.

I just wonder if they were all laughing and talking about ME!  No matter, I was still "Queen for a Day" of Sling ball!  Nobody else could claim that title at this graduation party!