Monday, December 16, 2013


The high for today in Pittsburgh is 25 degrees.  If you factor in the wind chill, it's 12 degrees. To you folks in Minnesota, our temps this time of year are probably considered balmy.  But to me, brrrrrr, is the only adjective that qualifies.  I'm cold and I hate to be cold. I hate to be hot as well, but cold, I just can't tolerate.

So I'd like to stay inside by the fireplace and read all day.  Yet, because our microwave died yesterday, I'll be traipsing around the area looking for a replacement.  That means bundling up, driving all over God's creation with my irritated and irritating hubby to find that special deal.  I'll have to get out of the car and into the cold umpteen times.  Then once finally warmed up in each store, once again, I'll be thrust into winter's blast until I reach the car which will probably be parked in the last spot of the lot. 

Even though we liked the make, style and price of the first microwave we saw today, we definitely won't buy it.  Why?  Because my hubby believes we need to search far and wide for that perfect deal that he knows exists somewhere out there!  After 4 hours or so , we inevitably will return to store #1 and purchase the very first one we saw.  

I will be ticked off, hungry, and tired.  But mostly, I'll be cold!  And not just bodily.  By this time, speaking to my hubby won't be happening.  Grunts and head nods will be the only communication he'll be lucky enough to receive from me for a while.  He will notice a chill in the air and it won't be the result of the outside temperature. 

Things between us will remain icy at least until the new microwave is installed so I can get back to cooking the modern way!  Brrrr!!!!!!!