Monday, January 13, 2014

Please Be Kind

I'm an author.  To some, my work is endearing and to some perhaps not so much.  But try to remember that no matter what you may think of my writing, I work hard at my craft.  I spend a great deal of time to ideate, create, develop, and produce something that has never been done before.

I seek out illustrators that will produce images that enliven my words.  Then, together we continue the process of drawing, refining, and revising each page until some degree of satisfaction has been achieved.

And let's not forget the monetary investment.  Even for picture books, in order to present proper word and grammatical usage, an editor is necessary. This service is not free.  Additionally, when self-publishing, a person to format the work correctly must be paid.   And finally, the illustrator receives compensation for the amazing images he or she creates.

I'm not asking that anybody give kudos to something they find below par or simply not worth their time and money.  Returning the book for a refund is certainly your rightful prerogative. On occasion I have done so myself.

But, if you choose to review my work, please be kind.  I'm not asking that you say things that you don't believe to be true.  Of course, constructive criticism is very important and I take it to heart.

However, if possible, don't just go off on a tirade for the sake of tearing my pages to shreds.

If you can, please consider the time and effort I've invested into the books I write.  I'm not asking that you spare my feelings, but I would appreciate it if you could just let me down a little easier.

Remember that I am somebody's wife, mother, and grammy. 

Please Be Kind!