Monday, October 13, 2014


Yep, I'm bummed out. The Steelers lost to the Cleveland Browns, 31-10. As usual, they started out with a series of plays that led them to the Red Zone, and had to settle for a lousey three points. After three plays and out by the Browns, again the Steelers went down to Cleveland's twenty yard line and instead of a touchdown, had to kick a field goal, botched it and scored a big, fat zero!

Oh, actually what I've just recounted could be considered Pittsburgh's Monday morning highlights. All of a sudden, in about the span of three minutes, the Browns were winning 14 - 3, and a short time later, 21-3.

I was so frustrated, I picked up my car keys and went shopping. Bought two pair of jeans and a sweater before returning home. Now the score was 31-3. Decided to take my dog for a walk. When I came through the door 30 minutes later, the game was over. Thank God! And although the Steelers finally did score seven points to make it 31-10, their efforts did little to brighten my mood.

Fast forward to today's Trib Sports page. Headline reads: Bad Ben is big problem for Steelers! Are you freakin' kidding me? Yes, according to this article, in case Ben wasn't aware of it, he's in a passing league. For the first three possessions, he handed off the ball instead of passing. I believe Ben only passed once during that time and it was to Wheaton, who of course couldn't pull the ball in. Was Ben the one calling the plays? I doubt it. Surely Haley has to take responsibility for a lot of the decisions that were made. Between Wheaton, Brown, and even my beloved, Heath Miller, more balls were dropped than snowflakes during a winter blizzard!

And what about the defense? They couldn't plug up a leaky faucet much less keep the Cleveland running backs from chewing up 10 to 20 yards at a clip! They gave the Browns' quarterback time to have a beer and a bratwurst before letting the ball go and still couldn't sack him!

With all their problems, you'd think I'm down only on the players. Au contrair! Coaching was abysmal from top to bottom. Tomlin had no answers. LeBeau was clueless. And Haley, well forget about it!

Lastly, my biggest beef is with the Rooneys. You guys need to get your heads out of your arses and wipe the slate clean. If you want to return to the Steelers of old, take a good look at your leadership and have the gumption to make changes. Until you do, this fan is deflated much like the footballs you must have used in yesterday's game!


  1. I'm glad we're not neighbors, you could be scary.

    1. Patty, my comment was actually directed at David. I know he's chomping at the bit to raz me about the Steelers so I beat him to it. love ya'll all