Monday, October 27, 2014


If you didn't see the Steelers/Colts game yesterday, you missed a simply amazing execution of offensive excellence led by Ben Roethlisberger and his awesome line. The defense wasn't too shabby either although they gave up 34 points.

What was so great was that even with a record of 4-3 going into yesterday's game, the Steeler's wins were lackluster and hardly memorable. But I guarantee you that last night's game will go down in franchise history. Let's see: 1. Ben won his 100th game, 2. He set an NFL record of having two 500+yards games which no one else had ever done including Brady and Manning. 3. He scored 6 touchdowns which had never been accomplished by any Steeler's quarterback before.

Another aspect of note was that everybody that was healthy had a hand in this phenomenal show of teamwork. Both Todd Haley and Dick LeBeau came up with strategies that were well-planned and well-executed. In the past, Haley used run, run, pass, which often led to three and out. Yesterday, the mix of plays included short and long passes, runs by both Bell and Blount, and involvement by every WR on the roster. Pouncey and Miller along with the entire offensive line kept Big Ben on his feet, not allowing one sack the entire game. LeBeau replaced his down-the-field defense with an in-our-face blitz time and time again. Andrew Luck was hit and sacked on just about every snap. His dirty uniform was testament to how well Timmons, Keisel, Worilds, Shazier, and Heyward played. If I failed to mention anybody else instrumental in keeping Luck down, please forgive me.

Hats off to the guys who've been on the team for ten or more years. Heath Miller, Brett Keisel, Troy Polamalu, and James Harrison were in rare form. The relatively new players, Brown, Bryant, Wheaton, and Moats sizzled. The interceptions by William Gay and Antwon Blake were sensational. And certainly last, but far from not least, head coach,Mike Tomlin, your determination to keep moving forward is perhaps the most important element of all. When times are good, you remind the team that the season isn't over, and when times are bad, you remind the team  that the SEASON ISN'T OVER! A steady hand always rights the course.

I've been a Steelers fan for over 50 years. In the 70's, and 80's yesterday they played with the same intensity that they did during those eras in which they were Super Bowl Champs four times. In 2006 and then again in 2009, they captured their fifth and sixth rings, the only team in NFL history to do that.

Yesterday I got the feeling we were back to the Steelers of Old. Their play and attitude made me feel young again. My enthusiasm was over the moon. I love this team with my whole heart. I am involved in every play and at the end of every game win or lose, I'm totally exhausted!

Yesterday you guys were SIMPLY AMAZING!  Thanks for taking this old lady back to a time in her youth when those Steelers were SIMPLY AMAZING, too!  love ya'll