Monday, November 3, 2014


So one of those Facebook tests popped up yesterday. I enjoy taking them to see what kind of dog I am, what my quick IQ is, what kind of mother I am, etc. The title of this one was How good is your sense of humor?

The test was comprised of 16 questions. My job was to determine which were funny and which were not. I'm not going to disclose any of the queries because I don't want to give you a heads-up if you should decide to try this one. I have to say a few were tricky, but for my part I thought most were hilarious.

Drum roll, please!  My score was, are you ready for this?  You sure?  Okay, the score for how good my sense of humor is was 99.9%. Oh, yeah, baby, a freakin .001 degree off from PERFECT!

So you think just being in my presence will tickle your belly and make your ribs hurt? Certainly!

So you can't believe somebody is that funny and if by chance they were, so why aren't they doing comedy for a living?  I am, I'm just NOT GETTING PAID FOR IT!

Having a great sense of humor has so many benefits to mind, body, and soul. At age 70, my mind is always churning, finding the 'funny' in everything no matter how serious the topic. When my father-in-law was laid out in the funeral home, I questioned why he was giving us the 'cold shoulder'!

So I'm a little overweight. If I don't care, WHY IN THE HELL SHOULD YOU? I can do most everything I could do 50 years ago except run as fast and do the split. Actually I wasn't very fast then either, and I COULDN'T DO A SPLIT even if there had been a sizable payout involved!

Oh, boy, and has my soul ever benefited from being blessed with a great sense of humor! I'm Catholic yet I'm so happy in spirit that going to confession has been OUT OF THE QUESTION for twenty years! If I'm a sinner, THAT'S NEWS TO ME. I speak no evil and hear no evil. As far as seeing any evil, well other than admitting to watching a little hanky-panky once in a while, I just KEEP MY EYES CLOSES if evil comes a knocking!

A sense of humor is a blessing. If you've been given this talent, you're expected to use it. Making people laugh restores their positive energies and keeps them healthy. Making people laugh does exactly the same thing for the humorist.

Playing the fool isn't for everybody. After all, if everybody had a 'funny bone', whom would I be able to make fun of? Serious folks provide folks like me with a treasure load of one liners on a daily basis.Thanks, TIGHT ASSES, I truly appreciate you!

How good is your sense of humor? didn't tell me anything I didn't already know. The things that come out of my mouth are never scripted, they just pop out of my inner self unfiltered. I never intend to insult or embarrass anybody, but it what I say comes across negatively I don't apologize. Again, it's not because I'm mean, it's because I am who I am, FUNNY, VERY FUNNY!

I think the test got it wrong though, 99.9% humorous? If I'm not 100% FUNNY which I know for a fact that I am, then I'm not funny at all!