Monday, November 10, 2014


The article about the zomBEES in my morning paper just blew me away. It seems that parasitic flies, the A. borealis are injecting worker bees with their eggs. When the larvae emerge, they feast on the insides of the bees, leaving them lifeless, only their shells remaining.

This got me thinking about last week's elections. Months before any votes were cast, political wanna-Bees were injecting us, the workers in this country, with their idealistic eggs of change. A vote for them was a vote for our economic and educational advancement. If they were victorious, naturally our lives would reap an abundance of wealth and knowledge. Seemed like a win-win situation for everybody!

But before we start banking our windfall and spouting words of wisdom, we'd better wait until the newly-elected larvae hatch. And you can bet your bottom dollar, it won't be long before these worms begin eating away at our income and our hopes for a smarter America.

Political promises are easily made, but rarely kept. Politicians can and will say anything to get our votes. Unfortunately once elected, they develop a severe case of amnesia usually lasting throughout their tenure. The only vow they seem to embrace is the one that puts power in their hands and money in their pockets.

How could we have been so dumb to have been taken in by these parasites? The answer is relatively easy. Since July we've been bombarded with media ads defaming the characters and actions of the men and women running for office. As the elections drew nearer, the ads grew in number and the nastiness. As time went on, we became zombies regarding these false claims. We saw them with our eyes, but became devoid of thought and resolution. The candidates we viewed more often, were the ones that would ultimately get our votes.

Little if any change will occur. Promises of jobs will be forgotten, taxes for education will rise, but won't be spent on our children, and our trust in the political process will again be compromised.

The insatiblity of the elected larvae will gnaw away at our insides until they've fully engorged themselves. And once again, we'll be left lifeless of hope, only shells of our former selves.

We've become ZOMBEES! And we have nobody to blame but ourselves!

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