Monday, December 1, 2014


Maybe if Black Friday sales actually occurred on that day, I would be inclined to participate. But, Black Friday promos were going on four weeks before November 28. I purchased several gifts 10 days prior to BF at the same prices listed during the 'event'.

I was at the check-out counter at K-mart on BF (not for a sales item) and overheard a couple having a bit of a tiff about where they were headed next to get the best buys. The woman was adamant about continuing to shop, while the man was spewing disgust loud enough for me to hear. I turned and asked where she'd planned to go after K-mart, but before she could say anything, her hubby said with clenched teeth, "I HATE BLACK FRIDAY!" Although in my mind women are usually right when dealing with marital conflict, in this case I had to agree with the husband. "I HATE BLACK FRIDAY!"

The hype for BF begins right after Halloween and intensifies with each passing day. You simply can't avoid the frantic build-up because you're hit with media pitches from every angle. TV, newspapers, flyers, and internet ads are relentless. Every commercial, newspaper ads, and digital pop-ups reflect images of items you and yours can't do without this Christmas. After being brainwashed for that length of time, you find yourself purchasing things that weren't on ANYBODY'S LIST! Crazy, huh?

I have decided to begin a protest to ban BF. For heaven's sake, let's enjoy our Thanksgiving dinner without chomping on the bit to be first in line for the 6:00p.m. BF kick-off at most retail stores. Are you with me? Come on, people, you're being railroaded and perhaps because of all the turkey and trimmings we consumed, our brains are totally muddled, incapable of logical thought. Let's rise up and take back our ability to make choices based on need and want rather than on seemingly discouted prices. There is no such thing as a steal, unless of course you're in the business of highway robbery!

Furthermore, the junk that is being peddled to us and our kids these days is deplorable! Plastic, unimaginative crap is being tauted as a top ten item every child must have under their tree this holiday. We, the parents and grandparents, spend countless hours in search of whatever it is the kids must have only to see them unwrap and play with these gifts for 10 minutes, and then return to their wireless devices and favorite games.

If we can't see how ridiculous this yearly event is by now, let me remind you that today is CYBER MONDAY! You don't want to miss out on all the great deals being offered not only for the next 24 hours, but probably until December 24!


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