Monday, March 2, 2015

Grammy's Mind Matters NEWSFLASH!

Well I've finally done it and I must tell you, it wasn't as easy as you might think. It took me about eight hours non-stop to create it and then another four or so to develop the necessary sign up form. I was so frustrated at one point, I emailed MailChimp and told them their process was so stressful, I was close to canceling my account. Luckily for me, the guys there allowed me to vent, and then gently brought me back to a state of sanity that is normal for me.


So what is it that I've done, and what is it that led me to the brink of sheer madness? A monthly newsletter to inform and entertain you, that's what! Grammy's Mind Matters NEWSFLASH, which debuted on February 28th, in my opinion, is a delightful compilation of ethnic recipes, special book offers, and my blog posts, past and present, that you've read and enjoyed since I started in 2012. I'm very proud of it, and hope you will subscribe and follow it from month to month. I promise you won't be disappointed.
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One of the recipes I've included this month is paczki, a jelly or custard-filled donut that I talk about in PUPPY LOVE, the second book in the 'When We Were Kids' series. In case you are one of the few people in the world who aren't  familiar with these chapter books, all three of them are centered around the Kolinski kids, who lost their father when they were very young. When their mom is forced to go outside the home for work, Betty Lou and Danny are fortunate to be in the care of Baba, Zedo, and Uncle Tom. Although this series is listed for ages 9-13, so many parents, grandparents, and teachers have given these books high praise. The adults, especially the baby boomers, say they are taken back to their own childhoods, and experienced many of the same challenges that confronted the Kolinski family. The humor is something they really identify with, and the sadness brings many to tears. PUPPY LOVE is being offered for the special price of 0.99 during March.

'SMARTEST, BESTEST PERSON IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD' is the blog post that rounds out the first edition of NEWSFLASH. I wrote it on January 6, 2014. My grandson, Liam, was trying to tell his mom about the Magi, and what gifts they brought the New Born King. He knew one of them started like 'Frank' but couldn't remember the exact word. My daughter suggested he call Papap, my hubby, since according to her he knew everything pertaining to religion. Do you think you know who the smartest, bestest person is? Well return to that blog post and find out. You might be surprised.  'Dirty Face Liam' is also 0.99.             person-in-whole-wide.html

       Let me just say that Grammy always has something on her mind,                                                                                             AND IT MATTERS!