Monday, September 28, 2015


So Beckham's real birthday is today, September 28. Although he'll only be celebrating at school with a cookie cake, and then presents from mom, dad, and his two brothers after dinner, he's been partying since Friday.

First off, after school he had a flag football game played in the mud! How cool is that for a birthday present! Next he played with friends on the street until dark!

On Saturday, he attended a friend's birthday party in the morning,  followed by lazer tag and bowling in the afternoon.  Afterwards all his friends came by for cupcakes and more football playing until none could tolerate another down and went WILLINGLY in the house to shower and go directly to bed.

Sunday church service at a new and very fun play made the start of Beckham's day extremely special. He couldn't be happier when in stead of returning home for lunch, the entire family went to KFC for chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, biscuits, and such, Yum!

In late afternoon, Kaden and Tyler, his cousins arrrived along with another friend, Lincoln. Muma, and Pupa came bringing gifts and a giant football cake. His uncle, Big Bar, and aunt Kelly presented him with a blue, full-sized football! Goodness gracious, how much more could one boy take!

It had rained the entire weekend so the backyard was perfect for, of all things, more FOOTBALL! The four older boys dashed into the muddy field, played their hearts out for two solid hours, and were covered in mud from head to toe. WOW! HOW COULD ONE BOY BE SO LUCKY!

After changing into dry clothes, everybody gathered around the cake for song and celebration! Digging into the sweet dessert put the topping on a perfect sixth birthday party that lasted three days and still wouldn't be completely over until today!

Happy birthday, Hammie, my sweet six year old grandson. You deserved all that fun and much, much more! I wasn't there in body, but I enjoyed every single minute of it in spirit!

Always and Forever!   Grammy