Monday, November 2, 2015

All I Want For Christmas...

Of course all of you can finish that line, 'is my two front teeth', and at 71 I'm so happy to report that I still have mine! But after many hours of serious consideration, my list  is finally ready to send to Santa, I'd like to share it with you.

All I Want For Christmas is...
* to wake up each morning thankful to be able to serve others another day.
* to read the morning paper and discover there are more positive articles than negative ones.
* to write stories for young children that have an impact on their growth and development.
* to hit the gym with as much enthusiasm as I can muster at my age.
* to enjoy lunch with a friend who remembers 'twisting' with Chubby Checker.
* to walk 'Shadow' through our neighborhood meeting and greeting our human and animal friends.
* to sit in the familyroom watching Dr. Phil while my hubby plays Sudoku without conversation.
* to receive a phone call from one of my seven grandchildren who want to share their day with grammy
* to pop leftovers into the microwave and call it 'dinner'.
* to get back to writing stories for tweens/teens about issues they are facing in their formative years.
* to spend five minutes in a steamy, warm shower without a care in the world.
* to play a game or two of hearts on the computer and win!
* to watch an hour or two of my favorite TV comedy shows and laugh hysterically.
* to read a couple of chapters of a 'who-dunnit' in bed and figure out just who the culprit could be.
* to wish hubby and Shadow goodnight with a kiss and a pet for both.
* to give thanks for the wonderful day and pray for peace in the hearts of eveybody on the planet.
* to turn out the light and have a restful sleep with sweet dreams filled with sugar plums and ice cream.

I know my list is quite lengthy, and perhaps I won't get everything I'm asking for, but as long as I receive a few of them, my Christmas couldn't be  merrier!

My one and only wish for my family, my friends, and all of you is that  your lists will include what will truly bring happiness. Being together, going to your house of worship, carrying on Christmas traditions, telling stories of holidays past, and sharing food and drink at a common table are the best gifts anyone could receive on Christmas Day.

Although a little early, I wish everyone, no matter your beliefs, a blessed and peaceful holiday from the bottom of my heart!

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