Monday, November 30, 2015

Giving Better Than Receiving!

Ho,Ho,Ho, and a very Merry Christmas to all of my many friends and family. I believe that giving is so much more fulfilling than anything I could receive in this stage of my life. My Grammy's Gang series was a joy to write and then dedicate each book to one of my awesome, hilarious grandchildren.

My 6 grandsons and 1 beautiful granddaughter have enjoyed their own special book along with those of their siblings and cousins by reading them over and over again. Some of them are well-passed the recommended ages 3-7, yet still get a kick out of them. The youngest of the seven, Gabe, is just now seeing the entire series for the first time. Oddly, When Grammy Goes Away, is his favorite. It's a story of experiencing loss. I know he doesn't understand the implications, but I think he feels connected somehow. Hopefully when I do travel to the heavens, Gabe will remember my book, and be able to deal with my passing a little easier.
By participating in my Grammy's Gang Complete Series (7bks) Giveaway, you'll have the opportunity to win these wonderfully written, beautifully illustrated, developmentally appropriate paperback versions valued at over $50. The Giveaway is scheduled for Nov. 30 - Dec. 11. Entry form is just below Grammy's Gang photo on my blog.

Good luck to all and to all a good day!