Monday, April 4, 2016

Blog, Blog, Blog, Blog, Blog!

Usually I enter a post on Mondays, but I got so caught up in revamping this blog that I lost track of time. Now I've got to do a million other things and don't have time to jot down some insightful or inane musings depending on my mood and mental capacities.

However, I do think I've added pertinent info. that was either missing or confusing to my
loyal readers. My profile was non-existent, so I spilled my guts and told you everything about my career and what I've been doing since I

I inserted the image of Book 1 for all three of my series which by clicking on it you'll be able to access my author's page. Additionally I made a list of all the books contained in each series.

I also added a gadget whereby you can email me easily and vent your frustrations or accolades regarding any of my posts. I look forward to your comments no matter the tone or word selection.

I think I've covered everything I've done over the past two hours and although it might seem trivial to you, I really don't care. I'm not a page designer or techie, so what may take others minutes, takes me an excruciatingly long time and a myriad of foul expletives!

I better quit now before I start using those @#7&$+*{?> again. You might just be able to interpret what I've just typed!

Blog. blog, blog, blog, blog!

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