Monday, April 11, 2016


On December 10, 2002, we hit the lottery big time! We went out into the country and rescued a mixed lab-terrier from an unscrupulous woman who cared nothing about dogs and everything about money. After paying her $60. I placed the furry, black speck of a pup in the palm of my hand and we drove home with her shaking all the way. When we arrived, I carried her into the kitchen and put her down on the floor. She waddled over to the carpet by the sink and peed. Right then and there we were absolutely convinced we won the pet lottery which meant more to us than if we had the winning ticket for millions!.

Fast-forward thirteen years and Shadow has been our constant companion every single day. She has been there for the birth of our seven grandchildren. She has been there during the loss of many dear family members and friends. She has celebrated every holiday with us, been on almost every vacation, and been part of every get-together we've ever had in our backyard.

Shadow guards us and our property with loud and long barking, sniffs everybody who enters our home, and protects every family member as if each was one of the puppies she never had.

Her face is getting whiter, and her step, a little more tenuous. Yet the vet says she's very healthy for her age, has very little arthritis, and could live many more years.

Although Shadow is our pet, and on this National Pet Day, we wish her all the best, she has been and will forever be more than a pet to us. She is our baby, daughter, sister, aunt, neighbor, and friend to everybody that has ever had the good fortune to come into contact with her. She is gentle, loving, and tolerate. The kids can roll on her, pull her tail, or poke her eye. She has never retaliated except to move away when they rough house, only to return to them seconds later for a soft word and a tender pat.

Shadow will show her displeasure when anybody, including myself, tries to take her treat or mess with her dinner. I don't blame her since I pretty much get irritated when someone tries to take my treat or mess with my dinner, too!

I could go on and on about our dear, sweet, Shadow, but as they say, ' a picture is worth more than a thousand words,' so her she is, SHADOW LINDY STAR! ISN'T SHE LOVELY?