Monday, May 30, 2016

His Free-the-Six-Pack Mantra Is Embarrassing!

Our governor's mantra, 'free-the-six-pack', is at best embarrassingly juvenile for a man his age, and, at worst, highly supportive of reckless behavior. Selling beer in gas stations is the last thing we need in Pennsylvania. Oh, by all means, let's make it more convenient for people to purchase alcohol, and then get behind the wheel of a two ton pick-up! And, of course, let's make it easier for teenagers to get their hands on some cans, and then roar down our highways sipping brew without any thoughts of responsible motoring.

Tom Wolfe is DEFINITELY 'a wolf in sheep's clothing!' When running for office, he assured us he'd be there for the middle class, for fair taxation, for infrastructural improvements, and most importantly, for our children and their education. Yet he did everything to block this year's budget, causing many schools to cut staff, bloat classroom size, and force districts to take out loans in order to merely function from day-to-day. And to top if off, he now is allowing the purchase of beer in gas stations so that the very lives of our youngsters will be at risk every time they get in a car or ride the bus to and from school.

Have you lost your mind, Mr. Wolfe, or is it that your political career is more important than your word? Since your popularity ratings are in the toilet, will you sacrifice our children's lives in order to gain accolades from beer-guzzling, drunk drivers whose words are slurred and meaningless as are your own?

If I sound unhappy with your decision to allow the sale of alcohol in gas stations across PA, that would be a huge understatement. I'm more than just unhappy, I'm irate! Stocking the shelves of convenience stores and filling their coolers with beer is, in my estimation, highly irresponsible and totally uncaring for those you adamantly professed to serve and protect.

Mr. Governor, the next time you stand in front of a mirror practicing a speech, make sure you look yourself in the eyes and search out the truth of your words. We, as your constituents, deserve honesty from those we elect to do the will of the people.