Monday, May 16, 2016

WHAT IF......

What if Donald Trump actually becomes president of this great land of ours?

  1. Women's rights will be set back hundreds of years.
  2. Immigrants, legal or illegal, will be subjected to undue scrutiny and horribly mistreated.
  3. Terrorists' families will be killed without actual involvement in malevolent actions.
  4. An ineffectual trillion dollar wall will be built along the Mexican borders.
  5. Superficial policies will be adopted to serve nobody other than the rich.
  6. Wars will erupt simply because Trump will instigate rather than effect peace between nations.
  7. Nothing will get accomplished in Washington because of his inability to reach across the aisles.
  8. The middle class will once again get the shaft and be left paying for the stupid ideas of govern.
  9. Trump will override Congress at every turn which is unconstitutional.
  10. After 8 years of turmoil, the US will be in worse shape than it was before Trump took office.
What if Hillary Clinton actually becomes president of this great land of ours?
  1. Women in business will receive the same salary as men received for the same job completed.
  2. Immigrants, legal or illegal, will be subjected to the current laws of the land and treated fairly.
  3. No families of terrorists will be killed because of what their children have done.
  4. No wall will be built costing a trillion dollars along the Mexican borders. Instead the monies will be used to beef up patrols, and turn back aliens until they've followed due process.
  5. Middle class taxing will be minimized while taxation on the rich will increase proportionally.
  6. Because Clinton's bonds with foreign governments have been solidified over her career, her chances to negotiate compromise are high.
  7. Clinton has friends on both sides of the aisles making progress more of a reality,
  8. The middle class will receive better treatment, much like it did when her husband was in office.
  9. Clinton will not take it upon herself to ignore Congress and sign laws indiscriminately. 
  10. After 8 years, the US just might be on track to becoming the great land it once was!
Now before you start to cuss at me, I am a registered Republican and have supported the party for most of the time since I was a  registered voter. But in good conscience, I simply cannot, will not vote for the likes of Donald Trump. It makes me sick to think that a man of such low morals and unscrupulous behavior could actually hold the highest position in the United States!

Furthermore, I have many doubts about how effective Hillary Clinton will be as the first woman president. But she at least has some knowledge of the political process, friends in higher places, and a good track record in foreign polices. She isn't the answer to all of our national problems, but she at least has a better chance to fix some of them.

Come November, nothing short of divine intervention will save this great land of ours! Pray hard and long for a positive outcome, otherwise WE'RE SCREWED!