Monday, July 11, 2016


My daughter, Joy, and her family will pull into our driveway around 8:30 p.m. today or so I'm told. When it comes to Joy, I'm never really sure I'll see her until I see the whites of her eyes! Her hubby, Tim, and my two awesome grandchildren, Brady, 13, and Brenna, 10, will be in tow as well. Yippeeee! Most likely we'll sit out on the patio and talk tonight. I love hearing about what the kids have been up to since last I'd seen them. The teenager will say little and look bored out of his skull. However he doesn't fool me because I know he's really crazy about being at our house,although he'd never admit it. The tween will chatter incessantly, giggly as she goes on and on about every facet of her life. She makes me giggle right along with her!

Tomorrow I'll take Brady and Brenna to Sand Castle, a waterslide park in our area. The other three adults will come up with some excuse not to join us. Neither Joy, Tim, nor Papap like the water, the crowds, the noise, etc. On the other hand, I love it all and only get the chance to go when the kids are in town. I can't do most of the slides anymore because of a cantankerous left knee that refuses to climb the gazillion steps to the top of most of the structures. The ones that I can maneuver, I'll certainly ride. At least I know the Lazy River won't give me a problem. We'll stay for hours, eat junk, lots of junk, and come home exhausted!

On Wednesday afternoon I've scheduled time for Laser Tag! I've never played so I'm excited about being nailed with red dots all over my bod! In the evening we're going to use the neighbor's fire pit to toast marshmallows, make s'mores, mountain pies, and cornbread muffins. Yummy, yum, yum!

Before they leave on Thursday, the kids and I will hop in the car and head for Dunkin Donuts, one of our favorite stomping grounds. I get the first round of donut and drink of choice for all of us. We find a table and before I get my coffee stirred, Brady and Brenna are finished and looking at me with doe-eyes. I'll hand my credit card to one of them and off they go for another delectable treat. They'll repeat this ritual until they are stuffed to the gills!

When leaving, we'll yell good-byes to each other until their out of sight. Love those kids! Oh, I love Joy and Tim, too, but they're not nearly as much fun.

On Monday night I'm flying to Myrtle Beach to spend five days with my daughter, Kristy, and her family. She and Todd have 3 boys, Liam, 9, Beckham, 6, and Gabe, 3. Again my hubby isn't a beach person, so he gladly stays home with the dog, his Sudoku, and the Pirates. This arrangement works for both of us.

The boys and I will be in the water, or in the sand building castles, roads, lakes, and anything else we can think of from 9:00 a.m. until dinner. Oh, we'll have taken along tons of treats and drinks to keep us going nonstop.We'll make friends with fellow beach bums, sharing shovels, buckets, and tales of how the big ones got away! Afterwards we'll shower and choose a lovely restaurant where Gabe will cause some sort of commotion to the discomfort of the more sedate diners! Oh well, when you're three, that's your God-given right, right? Upon returning to the condo, most likely will head for the pool, play miniature golf, or go shopping for treasurers. Days two thru five will simply be a repeat performance of the first. How glorious!

The day after I return from Myrtle, my son and his family will arrive for a five day visit. Barry, Kelly, Kaden,, 9, and Tyler, 5, will get in late Saturday. We'll do the patio thing again and try to get a good night's sleep. Then let the games begin! Sand Castle, Laser Tag, fire pit, and Dunkin Donuts all over again. The funny thing is that with Kaden and Tyler it will be a totally different experience because of who they are and my special relationship with each one. Tuesday, July 29, is the first time the public can attend Steeler Camp at St. Vincent's. Kaden plays nearly every sport and can't wait to get some autographs from his idols. Tyler doesn't really care about that, he just wants to run up and down the grassy hills, eat snow cones, and play with anyone willing to do what he does! On the way home we'll stop for dinner comprised of hamburgers and fries and a Frosty for the boys since that is the one meal they're sure to devour.

As they pack the car, give kisses and promise to drive home safely, I'll fall into my recliner and sleep for at least three hours. I'll dream of all the fun I had, all the smiles and hugs I received from my seven grandchildren during the past three weeks, and thank the good Lord for the countless blessings He showers upon me and my family especially during the summertime.

When I awake I'll be back to my old life in North Huntingdon once more,for which I'm eternally grateful, but those three weeks of fast and furious when I had the time of my life will linger in my memory for the entire rest of the year!

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