Monday, September 11, 2017

Legalize Recreational Marijuana in PA?

Over the weekend, some politician in Pittsburgh whose name I can't remember, was peddling his theory in the Trib on why PA should legalize recreational marijuana. He cited a number of states who have already taken that leap, and their tax dollars are rolling in faster than thunderclouds on a steaming August day! Pot is the perfect solution to the PA budget deficit according to him!

This fellow is all about the money. He gives no consideration to the number of studies on addiction, that report more than 75% of drug abusers began their descent into hell by smoking marijuana.

And what about highway fatalities? So many times it's because the one causing the accident was high on pot or some other substance he or she uses after his or her first encounter with weed.

Robberies? Home invasions? Murders?  So many of these criminals who commit these horrific offenses are either doped up at the time or are looking to score illegal drugs in order to get doped up!

The very same politicians who are lamenting the opiate epidemic in our society are the ones leading the parade to legalize recreational marijuana. Why? Because the money that recreational pot can generate is just way to alluring to be ignored. Furthermore, according to this politician whose name I can't remember, if our legislature fails to act quickly, the monies that could have been dumped into PA will be scooped up by other more progressive-thinking states. How tragic!

If I sound like an old woman who needs to chill out, maybe I am. The opiate epidemic in our country is personal to me. My nephew, my deceased brother's only child,  sits in a state prison today because when he was thirteen he decided to get high on marijuana. He's 37 now and has been incarcerated for more than half his life all due to drug abuse and parole violations. Oftentimes my nephew writes and curses the day he ever smoked his first joint!

In my opinion, there is nothing recreational about using marijuana. The chances of moving on to more additive substances like heroin and cocaine after experiencing the highs of pot aren't worth the risk.

Don't fall prey to the temptations of  innocent euphoria and wealth, and don't listen to that politician whose name I can't remember!

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