Monday, October 2, 2017


We spend so much of our precious time gathering things that are of little to no use to our existence. Why? Perhaps we're like the squirrels of the forest who act upon survival instincts, scooping up as many acorns as possible before the winter snows cover the ground.

But we're not like the squirrels, and the more we accumulate the more anxious we become, exerting inordinate amounts of energy to protect our stuff. Letting go of anything is extremely difficult, but absolutely necessary to exist harmoniously within ourselves as well as with others.  De-Cluttering our lives allows us to be free of the inane responsibilities we bear for the "junk" we feverishly clutch with white-knuckled determination.


Look around your home and access what you see with truth and introspection. Do you need even half of what is scattered haphazardly on your kitchen countertop? Empty grocery bags, three chewed pencils, stacks of newspapers, a moldy tomato, one cookie jar for the family, one cookie jar for the dog, last week's mail, a few beer cans, a pizza box....need I go on? What in God's name do these things have to do with your happiness or survival? NOTHING, NADA, ZIP! Aside from the dog's cookie jar, nothing deserves the least bit of your attention, and with one swipe of the hand, all of it can be swept into the trash.

Throw out the recliner that has a gaping hole in it, rip down the drapes that have been hanging since you moved in, clean out your linen closet, saving only the sheets and towels that you actually use, go through your clothes, and if you haven't worn them in the past 6 months, Good Will will gladly accept your donations.

Having rid yourself of things that have absolutely no relevance to your value as a person or to your ultimate survival is truly freeing! Once you start this process, you'll find that the less you accumulate, the more you have.

Open the windows, let in the fresh air, and reflect upon this, "The best things in life are free!"



When you were born, you were perfect. You were the weight and length you were meant to be. Your skin was gorgeous, your hair, soft as silk, your eyes, clear windows to your soul. I'm pretty sure you didn't exit the womb with tattoos covering your face, arms, and ankles, you had no ear, eye, and tongue piercings and permanently stamped eyebrows, lashes and lips.  Am I right? Of course I am!

In order to have a healthy, beautiful (your concept of beauty, not one that society has imposed) body, you simply need to eat well, avoid empty calories, exercise regularly, shower daily, and love the skin you're in!

All of the accouterments you think you need to enhance your appearance such as jewelry, the latest in fashions, shoes, make-up and hair style, do nothing but increase your anxiety over not having the latest and greatest, and do more harm than good to your self-image than you might consider.

Today's media, as well as growing up in a dysfunctional family, are largely responsible for how poorly we view our own bodies. Disregard these toxic forces, take care of your health, and present yourself to the world much like the perfect baby you were at birth, pure, simple, and entirely whole!



What is on your mind right now? Is it meaningful? Positive? Beneficial? If not, erase it and either clear your mind of all thoughts or replace it with ones that contribute to your health and success.

If worry, negativity, and depressed thinking fill your mind for even a few minutes each day, these villians eventually kill your ability to formulate  mentally-sound judgments. You become prone to making poor choices in all areas of your life, and I can assure you, nothing can threaten your survival more than a warped mind.

Taking time each day to meditate frees the mind and opens the door to more productive thinking. Try giving some thought to the needs of others instead of concentrating on yourself,  Formulate a plan that can turn these ideas into changing the lives of folks less fortunate than yourself.

When events in your life cause stress, make a concerted effort to see the possibility for positive outcomes no matter how dire the situation.

By De-Cluttering your mind of mundane, useless thinking, you can train yourself to focus on more important, expansive issues.




De-Clutter your life and, I promise you, your soul will be reawakened. You will gradually feel a sense of well-being, and begin to enjoy a light, carefree existence full of promise and hope. When your survival is in tact, true peace will embrace you, eradicating the need to be responsible for that "junk" you've been holding on to, dragging around, and finally give you the courage to dump it.


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