Monday, January 22, 2018

Am I Hanging With The Wrong Crowd?

At 73, I hang out with my 55+ crowd. I like to split this group into two different entities. There are those who talk about their aches and pains, doctor appointments, Medicare, cemetery plots, and who inherits their money when they kick the bucket. They believe they already have one foot in the grave and lament the fact that they've missed their chance to do this, that and the other. Fun folks? Hardly, but I've known them forever, love them to pieces, and tolerate their dire dispositions.

Then there are the ones, unfortunately not very many left, who accept that at our age, aches and pains are to be expected and ignored, doctors don't know much, are planning to be cremated, and intend to spend every dime enjoying themselves before they cross over to the other side. Fun folks? ABSOLUTELY! I've known them forever, too, love them to pieces, and always look forward to visit with them to share precious memories and laugh till tears roll down our cheeks!

Recently I've begun hanging with a much younger crowd. And when I say 'much younger, I'm referring to kids in their twenties, thirties, and forties! Sound crazy? In the beginning, I thought so, too. When the house next door went up for sale, a young couple bought it, and before long, they were stopping by just to hang out, inviting my hubby and me to their parties,and bringing us cookies just because. They'll do anything for us that we can't do ourselves, and we in turn, are there for them whenever they need us. Every time we're together, our conversations are upbeat and current. They tell us about their work, their plans to start a family, the many vacations they've been on, and about the ones they still intend to take. We talk about the first years of our marriage, the crazy things we did, and how we've managed to stay together for fifty years! I give them gardening tips when they ask, and my hubby tells the young hubby to ALWAYS make his wife happy. Both couples, we and our sweet neighbors, consider ourselves very lucky to be in each other's lives despite such a wide difference in age. Matter of fact, since we first met, the topic rarely comes up. Besides how could it when we're busy having so much fun!

Then there's this newest crowd I'm hanging with. Five months ago, I decided to take a Zumba class. Since I'd never taken one before, I was a bit hesitant, but since I love to dance I figured I'd give it a try. Who knew what would evolve from that fateful day?

There are folks of all ages who regularly take this class, yet I found myself hanging with those twenty-to-thirty years my junior. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy everybody, and talk and joke around with all of them. However, after a few weeks, it was the young people who invited me to lunch, to tag along to a presentation, and to try out things like ginger shots and smoothie bowls. I truly enjoyed their company and began looking forward to spending more time with them.

When I first told my hubby about this presentation I was going to attend, he was a little leery since I didn't know the girls very well, and was concerned how the evening would go. From the time I hopped into the car though, I felt I had known these three for years. We talked about many things, and never once were at a loss for words. We made a three hour detour to do some apartment renovations, ate at Coscos and then proceeded to the  night's destination. If this seems a little weird to you, I totally agree, it was more than a little weird (10/16/17 blog post), but if you remember yourselves when you were their age, you can easily put it into perspective.

When I told some people about that night, many thought my decision was a bit risky to say the least. Others said I should stick with folks my own age, and more than a few reminded me to act my age! For one fleeting moment I wondered if I was hanging with the wrong crowd. What if I were being foolish and simply trying to recapture my youth? What if I somehow barged in on these young people and they didn't have the heart (or the guts) to tell me to get lost?

Luckily I'm an extremely intuitive person and would definitely know if any of my queries were credible. I believe I'm ABSOLUTELY hanging with the right crowd, and I know this because I have learned so much from them from the very beginning. They are smart, talented, witty, and a little quirky; they are respectful, accepting, and for the most part, nonjudgmental. They say and do silly things and laugh with and at themselves, that's a big one! Sometimes they're a little risque and try to shield me from their devilment, but little do they know I'm well aware of anything that's come down the road in the last 50 years or so! I find their protectiveness endearing, but I guarantee you nothing they can come up with  shocks this old broad!

I don't have the answer as to why I've been blessed with my 'new peeps' at this time in my life and I don't really give a damn. I just know one thing, I AM HANGING WITH THE RIGHT CROWD! And to all the naysayers out there, stop talking about aches and pains, doctor appointments, Medicare and all the rest, and go in search of the right crowd that can put pep in your step, enlighten your minds, and warm your hearts!

Blessings and Peace

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