Monday, February 19, 2018

A Life Partner? YES!

It matters not if you're 'Adam and Eve,' 'Adam and Steve,' or 'Eva and Reva,' all creatures big and small were meant to have a partner in their lives! Family is great, friends are fantastic, but your partner, the one who walks in this world with you in good times and bad and all the other times in between, is absolutely essential to your well being and happiness.

Before I continue, let me be very clear; in the realm of humanity I'm not saying you and your partner will be together from your first meeting to your last breath. Throughout your existence, you may find yourselves alone for many reasons:
separation, divorce, death. At times the circumstances surrounding a partner's departure is out of your control, but being able to move on with your life and find another person who completes you is definitely within your power, if only you have the courage to start anew.

So, why a life partner? I think the answer is a no-brainer! As physical, intellectual, emotional, social, and spiritual beings, having that one person who satisfies your needs, and supports you in becoming self-actualized is critical.Without that someone, there is a vital component missing that leaves you unfulfilled, unable to be completely you.

From the physical standpoint:

When you're young, finding that special person is exhilarating! The 'dating and mating' part of getting to really know someone leaves you both satisfied and wanting more in the same moment. Hugging, kissing, touching and being intimate is what makes being human so wonderful! And if these physical connections are not just 'hook-ups' as today's young people refer to having sex, but rather the developing of a true relationship with an eventual partner, so much the better! As you age, not that intimacy isn't important, but you take great pleasure in the little things partners do for one another as well. Holding hands, caressing a cheek, rubbing shoulders, even applying suntan lotion are physically satisfying when done by a loving, caring partner.

From the intellectual standpoint:

'Two minds are better than one' is a truism in my opinion. Being with a partner over time is extremely beneficial to intellectual growth. It doesn't matter who has the higher I.Q. because each has their own special talents. While one may be mathematically inclined, the other has exceptional literary skills. One may have an acute vision for detail, the other sees everything from a global perspective. Whatever their strengths, the two have the opportunity to learn from each other and become better equipped in areas where they once were lacking.

From an emotional standpoint:

Humans are highly emotional creatures. When happy, boy are we happy, and who doesn't want to have someone to share their happiness with! But when sad, tears flow and hearts break. When angry, ugly words fly, and doors are slammed hard! When depressed, silence is deafening, and confusion reigns. To be alone when bombarded with these types of emotion can be devastating.  Everybody needs someone to rely on, to care enough for them to help carry the load. When there is a comforting  partner in the mix, little by little a person can let go of such negative emotions, and the longer you've been together, the easier it is to be yourself without the threat of judgement or rejection.

From a social standpoint:

Just recently a dear friend of mine expressed her sadness about coming home to an empty house with so much to say and no one there to hear it. Humans are social beings. YOU DEFINITELY NEED A PARTNER WITH WHOM YOU HAVE AN EXTENSIVE HISTORY!  Having the same friends, visiting the same places, reading the same books, dining at the same restaurants, sharing the same life enhances your social experiences tremendously. And from these shared interactions, you deeply appreciate having a partner who easily identifies with the people you know, the places you've been, the books you've read, the restaurants you've patronized, and most importantly, the life you've shared!

From a spiritual standpoint:

Perhaps the spiritual connection between two people is the most important. Being there for each other when miles apart, having hearts and souls lovingly entwined, and unconditionally investing in your personal relationship gives each partner a sense of belonging and peace. And when all is said and done, isn't it that sense of belonging and peace each and everyone of us is searching for?


I hope I've given you food for thought regarding the value of a life partner. I'm concerned about the folks who go it alone because I truly believe they're missing out on the very best humanity has to offer. If you notice, I never once mentioned marriage because taking that step is entirely up to the two of you. It isn't necessary to 'tie the knot' in order to live a fulfilling life with someone who loves and adores you and is willing to be there for the long run! Find that special person with whom you can willingly and happily share your body, mind and soul. Find that special person who is meant to be your life partner and nurture and treasure your time together!

Blessings and Peace

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