Monday, February 12, 2018

What IS 'Meaningful To Your Well Being?'

'To simplify is to make space for what's meaningful to your well being...' ( 

After receiving this succinct definition of what it means 'to simplify,' on a Facebook post last week, I began to consider what exactly IS MEANINGFUL TO MY WELL BEING. What is it that makes me complete, whole, wanting nothing more? 

I decided the best way to approach this question was to close my eyes and let the answers appear in my mind. Besides the obvious, all the family and friend faces that immediately popped up, which contribute to my well being immeasurably, I awaited for the revelations I rarely, if ever, think of as making me complete, whole, wanting nothing more.

To my surprise, the first image I saw was the sky. Admittedly, I love to stand in the wee hours of the morning, and look towards the heavens, realizing there is someone greater than myself orchestrating our great, big, beautiful world. On clear days, when the moon and the stars are in their rightful element, I enjoy spotting the various astrological patterns. I wait for the dawn to arrive and marvel at her strength to conquer the darkness of the night. I suppose one could interpret this initial contribution to my well being as an embrace of faith, an awesome wonder of the universe, a creative and poetic nature.

Secondly, I was visited by a room full of puppies! It's no secret that I love all animals, and especially adore dogs.  Our Shadow is 15 years old and the absolute poster bearer of the saying, 'A woman's best friend!' Canines are remarkable in so many ways. They are loyal, calming, protective creatures that ask for nothing more than to be fed, watered, sheltered, and loved. They instinctively know when you are feeling sad, sick, or just in need of some cuddling. Shadow came into my life when I was at a very low point, and I sincerely believe that if she hadn't, my well being would have been greatly compromised. 

Finally I saw myself in a far away land. I didn't recognize the topography yet strangely felt quite at home.  It was an expanse of mostly green grass dotted with a few mature trees. There were no homes in sight, nor were there any types of transportation around. I didn't see any people, but somehow I didn't mind. I think it was the sweet silence that appealed to me. If anything is meaningful to my well being, it definitely is personal prayer and quiet meditation. When engaged in prayer and mediation, my body, mind, and soul are made whole, I am peaceful and want for nothing, and I am complete. 

Notice the void of material things in my quest to unravel what exactly is meaningful to my well being.  Yes, I do have a lovely home filled with a lifetime of treasured memories.  And, yes, I have everything I need to live happily for the remainder of my days on this earth. But should some unforeseen tragedy strike, and all of these comforts suddenly disappear, my well being would still remain in tact because it is fueled by faith, freedom, creativity, wonder, loyalty, prayer and meditation.

Blessings and Peace!

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