Monday, September 9, 2019

At Least 25 More!

Today is my birthday, I turn seventy-five, and after reading this post, you'll have a pretty good idea why I'm aiming for at least 25 more years!

I received a beautiful card from my hubby on Friday because he has never been able to wait until the actual day, September 9, to give it to me. The words on the outside read:


When I look at you
on your birthday,
I see a woman who deserves
to be celebrated
and to know
how much she means
to family and friends.

Truly I have never thought of myself as one deserving to be celebrated, but knowing that Barry thinks that I should be is heartwarming. Together we've created a family that fervently embraces caring and respect for each other. 'Family' is treasured by our three adult children and their spouses who, in turn, have instilled this precious value in their own kiddos. Their words and actions make it very easy for me to see how much I mean to all of them.

I've been blessed with five authentic friends in my lifetime, two of which are now with the angels. The remaining three are golden. All of us have known each other for well over 25 years, have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly, and still are proud to call one another, 'friend'! They mean the world to me!

The inside of the card reads:

I see a woman
who's my rock,
my best friend, 
the one I love
sharing my life with.
Most of all, when I look at you
on your birthday, 
I see love.

We have been there for each other in happy and sad times, in easy and difficult times, in uplifting and desperate times...I am his rock, he is mine!

Okay, so now you know who one of my best friends is..he never could keep a secret!

Sharing life together has been an adventure to say the least, and not all of it smooth sailing. Of course we've had amazing experiences, far too many to name. But we've had a lot of disagreements over the years, and flat out arguments that resulted in bruised feelings and silent treatments that seemed to last forever. Through it all though, we both have honored our vows, remained committed to one another, and accepted who we are as we are!

Finally when my hubby looks at me, even with curlers in my hair, he sees love. These last words bring tears to my eyes because I know who I am. Yes, I am a sweet, smiling girl with a great sense of humor who will do anything for times. I'm also a feisty, ornery, self-righteous know-it-all who stubbornly refuses to go with the flo..w, more times than one can count. Most folks would call me an extrovert, but Barry knows oftentimes I will slip into my shell and stay secluded until I'm ready to come out...and no amount of coaxing can hasten the process.

And yet he sees love every day we're together, especially on my birthday.  If you are confused by this post, read it a few more times and hopefully you will begin to realize just what love is, it's all of these, friends, caring, respect, humor, authenticity, commitment, and above all, allowing each other to be who they are.

My beautiful card is signed:

Have a great day! Lots of Love, Barry

No wonder I'm aiming for at least 25 more, who wouldn't!

It's my birthday...and it will be an even greater day if vanilla ice cream is included with all that love!

Happy birthday to me!

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