Monday, September 30, 2019

Kids Deserve The Truth

As parents we want our children to grow up to be strong, accomplished men and women of good character who someday will contribute to the positive development of our society. We make sure they are fed, clothed, educated, and morally grounded in childhood so that they will have the necessary tools to do just that. We strive to be excellent role models for them, teaching acceptance, tolerance, forgiveness, and, above all, love for one another. 

However we seldom if ever talk to our kids about the mistakes we've made along our journey, shy away from exposing our inadequacies, and absolutely refuse to share the many failures we've endured over the years. Thinking such discussions would be detrimental to their development, we bury them deep within our psyche never, ever to see the light of day. 

Unfortunately these are the very experiences our children need to hear from us, but we are afraid to expose the ugly truth. God forbid they should realize their parents have made mistakes throughout life, have been less than perfect, and have FAILED to achieve goals many, many times. They need to see that we are human, that our lives have been fraught with error and disappointment.  

Muster up the courage to share the good, the bad, and the ugly of your life's story, it will do more for your children's sound growth and development than any tale of success. Start out slowly and gradually you'll shed those parental fears and be the role models your kids deserve!

'Each Story Told' is one of the poems included in my first-ever published poetry anthology, "Soul-Powered Poetry: From the Gates of Heaven to the Depths of Hell" Although I write under my pen name, Lindy Starr, every word in every stanza in every verse are the thoughts derived from listening to the whisperings of my Soul. Hopefully when reading it aloud, you'll understand what today's post is trying to convey.  Blessings and Peace

             EACH STORY TOLD

               Each story told                                                
              Of a life lived                                                   
              Is valued more than gold. 
              Every milestone reached
              Is meant to teach
              Time to break the mold.                                                                       

              Be candid then
              Of course, you should,
             ‘To thine own self be true.’
             Yes, tell the good,
             In what you speak,
             But share the ugly, too.

             Please be real
             In how you feel,
             Have courage to commit.

             By doing so,
             They will know
             To err is human, admit.

             Always striving,      
             Not merely surviving                
             Yet failures do ensue.              

             Revealing the worst,
             For the world to see
             Takes raw humility. 
             Expose your sins,
             Tout your wins                                            
             Perfection is but a myth.
            Pressures set                                           
            Causing regret,                           
            Magically disappear,  
             Guilt erased,    
            Freedom they’ll taste 
            Nothing more to fear.

            Thanks will be yours
             In being so bold
            To share… EACH STORY TOLD


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