Monday, February 22, 2016

Ah, Sweet Spring!

Ever notice how Spring seems to creep up on you? A few days ago we were trudging through slush and snow, and now the sun is shining and I see buds on the forsythias. It's like Spring seeps into the earth without a sound, and then explodes into life taking us completely by surprise!

I love this season for so many reasons. It's the time for new life, for fresh starts, and for keeping the promises we've made to ourselves and others. Although I haven't heard the birds chirping yet,I know they're building their nests. In a matter of weeks I'll look up to the inside of our patio covering and see a mama robin warming her eggs. I'll smile and be amazed at how these creatures manage to build their homes and deposit their future offspring without my noticing. Every year I say I'm going to keep a watchful eye out for them, but every year they manage to elude my detection.

Fresh starts are what keeps hope alive. During the winter months, we've lost some of our drive to keep up with our exercise programs, continue with our New Year's resolutions, and be of service to those in need. Spring ignites our fires to get outside and walk a mile or two, prepare healthy meals, and give a helping hand to our friends and neighbors. Our souls are made light with the emergence of sunny skies.

This December I decided to start a new children's book series which is tentatively entitled, Together in Peace and Harmony. 'Preschool Friends Around the World, A- Z' Book 1 is now in the illustrative process. I promised myself that writing a story aimed at introducing diversity of race and culture to young children was what I could do to have them recognize difference, and embrace rather than fear it. I have always believed that personal experience with diversity was the only way we will ever come to see everybody as our brothers and sisters.It is the only way to bring about peace and harmony to our troubled world. If children are exposed early to others who are different than themselves, they naturally become comfortable with these diversions and gravitate to more experiences rather than run from them. I am planning publication for mid-March, a Spring promise I definitely will bring to fruition.

I've also promised to be there for folks who seem to be lost or in need. My nephew, Christopher is in a state prison in northern PA. For reasons I won't explain now, I've had little contact with him. Last week I decided to write him a letter that would hopefully lift his spirits knowing that someone is still there praying for him to turn his life around. Since my brother and his wife have passed, I'm his only remaining relative. I intend to continue our correspondence so as to make his life on the inside more bearable.

Our neighborhood is aging. There are many widows who live by themselves and have little contact with others.Traditionally Spring is the time to clean up our homes and yards.What a perfect opportunity to offer ourselves in assisting with window washing, sweeping the porch and setting out the wicker furniture, and just visiting a while shooting the breeze. This is another promise I intend to keep.

Ah, Sweet Spring! It makes my blood flow, my spirits rise, and my heart dance! I sincerely hope it does the same for you.