Monday, February 8, 2016


I've seen all 50 Super Bowls, but never have I witnessed a defense like the Denver Broncos put on the field yesterday! Hats off to Wade Phillips and his group of dedicated, determined players! I truly believe they were playing for Peyton Manning so he could leave the game of football in a blaze of glory. When your purpose is selfless, your efforts are for the elevation of someone other than yourself, your energies run high, and your chances for success are great.

Miller, Ware, Ward, and all of the other defensive players refused to let this opportunity pass by without a win. You could tell they were on a mission, and were not going to leave the stadium without MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

Peyton didn't play well, but he did play smart. He knew his days of throwing the long bomb and hitting his targets were over. He could have insisted on trying, and perhaps lost the game because of interceptions. Instead this humble amazing quarterback handed off to his running backs, willing to accept short gains that would eventually lead to victory. That's the sign of a true leader, have faith in your men and  rely on them to do what they've trained for.

I hope Cam Newton learned something about leadership and professionalism during those 60 minutes so that he may someday emulate Peyton Manning. I'm certainly not saying Newton isn't a gifted athlete, because he is that. But as far as leadership and professionalism, this young man has miles to go in that department. His all-about-me attitude, his immature behavior on and off the field, and his yet-to-be-tested greatness over time most likely cost the Panthers the game.

Yes, they won 15 regular games and the postseason, but Cam always had ample time and protection, to choose his targets when passing the ball. Certainly his running ability contributed to their awesome success. But when his time and protection were eliminated by the likes of the Denver defense, Cam Newton caved. You could see it on his face from the get-go. And again, when he couldn't find anybody open down the field because the Broncos covered like flies on shit, the Panther's quarterback became confused and ineffective.

Two examples in the game were very telling about how much growing up Newton needs to do to measure up to the likes of Peyton Manning, Ben Roethlesberger, and Tom Brady. In the fourth quarter, when Newton was stripped of the ball, instead of jumping into to retrieve it, he simply stepped back and let his men take the pain. Shortly afterwards, when Cam received a legal hit, he pleaded with the ref for a roughing-the-passer flag, and when he didn't get it, he rolled on the ground like a toddler having a two-year-old tantrum.

The DENVER DEFENSE DOMINATED the game. Their play made Cam Newton look like an ordinary quarterback who didn't have enough time or talent to make the decisions he needed to in order to overcome the onslaught of men on a mission.

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE DENVER BRONCOS, COACHES, PLAYERS, STAFF, AND OWNERS who made 50 years worth waiting for!  True Super Bowl Champs!

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