Friday, August 31, 2012


It takes a lot to impress me.  Matter of fact, in my 68 years, I've only been truly impressed a mere handful of times.  But yesterday, watching Mitt Romney's acceptance speech for the RNC's presidential nomination, I found myself exactly that:  IMPRESSED!

The first thing that struck me about Mitt was his humility.  Everything he said was prefaced with the word, "WE". Obama didn't stop using the word "I" until, well he still hasn't.

Secondly, his sincerity was refreshing.  He didn't duck from the mistakes he's made throughout his professional career; he addressed them.  He didn't blame the other guy either.  He took responsibility. He spoke about being young and inexperienced when he was involved with Bain Capital.  He admitted that taking risks in life can sometimes end in failure. But he also said failure is a lesson learned and one that can be used to make future successes possible.

Thirdly, Mitt loves this country.  You can hear it in his words, see it in his eyes, and above all, feel it in his heart.  He loves his family more, but eminates a real love for all of us with just as much passion.

This is the first time in a presidential election that I believe in the candidate completely.  I know he will do everything he can to make our lives better.  Perhaps not all that he does will be easy to take.
But one thing is very clear; whatever sacrifices that will be asked of me, I'll be willing to accept because I know he has my best interests at heart and more importantly, he has the interests of my six grandchildren in his heart.  "Grammy's Gang" will reap the benefits of his labors; and for that reason alone, Mitt Romney has my vote in November!