Thursday, August 9, 2012

Want to feel 10 years younger?

No pills or exercise required.  Just think about what you really love to do.  Find your passion and go after it with all the gusto you can!  I love to write; I always have. Yesterday I published my second children's book, "Dirty Face Liam" on Amazon and I'm on cloud nine!  I've got a renewed energy coursing through my veins; I feel light-hearted, almost giddy!  Mostly, I'm truly contributing again and that allows me to get back in step with living life to the fullest! 

As we join the senior generation we oftentimes join the "do nothing" generation as well.  Why?  We've got so much going for ourselves and yet we believe the ridiculous societal mantra, "sit in your rocker and wait to die!"  Maybe that works for you, but for me this is my time to shine!  Maybe even become famous!

Come on folks, let's show those young whippersnappers what we're made of!  Go for the Gold!  Can you tell I've been caught up in the Olympics.  Love Misty May and Kerri Walsh!